Zetsubou no Shima: Why this map has taken the crown

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As far as Call of Duty zombies maps go, I think Zetsubou no Shima, which roughly translates to “The Island of Despair” is hands down the best zombies map yet.


I am not getting into the story of the new map. This is strictly gameplay and the way the new map feels to play.

As the player you start in a swamp. There is a altar right in front of you and there are a few doors to open. If you go right you will stumble upon a ritual site that has four blood soaked skulls and beneath the skulls there is a symbol. If you checked out the altar from the beginning area there is a symbol on there as well. Grab the skull that matches the symbol and drop it on the altar. And so begins another ritual sequence, however this is a twist on a classic mechanic of zombies. New zombies appear and those zombies have a green mist emanating off of them. These zombies don’t give a damn what you do. They have one goal and that is to break the skull you placed on the altar. An interesting little twist but what makes this ritual difficult is that fact that the normal zombies will still be coming after you. Once you complete the ritual your skull goes all white and you need to drop it off from where you got it.

Another new mechanic in Zetsubou no Shima is the way you turn the generator on. First off there are two power stations that can be filled with strange water coming out of trees behind each station. One is blue and the other is green. After you power the two stations you can open up a bunker built by Division 9. In here there are four doors three of which cost 1500 points. There is a door to the left which is the one you use to get to the generator. Once you get to the generator you see that you can flip the switch because one of the water turbines is blocked by spider webs (more on that in a bit).  What’s unique about this Zetsubou no Shima mechanic is the turbines are under water. You have to be fully submerged in order to clear the turbine. After the turbine gets cleared you need the door you came in from closes and now you are stuck in there. And since you are under water if you stay under too long you will drown. That’s problem 1. Problem 2 is after you clear the webs about 8 zombies spawn in the water with you. The best part about this is you have to kill the zombies while simultaneously coming up for air in the small pockets near the ceiling. I really like this way of turning the power on because it definitely makes it challenging and a lot more of an effort than just flipping a switch.

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And the last new addition to the game which I enjoyed (but also hated a lot) was the introduction of spiders instead of dogs. So I said earlier that the water turbine was blocked by spider webs. The creepy crawlers get spin their gunk on a lot of things throughout the map whether it’s gum-ball machines, perk machines or areas that you have already opened. Thankfully you don’t need to re-buy the door but it takes a bit of time to tear off the webs. I am a big fan of a new enemy. The spiders are small but fast and they shoot webs at you which hurt. There can be a lot of them all at once so always make sure to keep their numbers down. If Zetsubou no Shima didn’t offer this new type of enemy I feel as though the DLC would have suffered a bit in terms of quality. The spiders are fresh take to keep the player on their toes unlike dogs now because a dogs round is like going through the motions. Spiders are different enough to be tricky.

Well there you have it. Some of the better things from the new zombies map. Hope you enjoyed and if you don’t have it yet get out there and snag it.

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