World of Warcraft Legion: Early Impressions.

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This past Tuesday Blizzard released its sixth World of Warcraft expansion Legion. Coming off of Warlords of Draenor Blizzard desperately needed to do something big to win their audience back. I was skeptical to jump back into WoW after what seemed like the worlds longest content drought. World of Warcraft Legion has been nothing but a blast since I started at 3 am Wednesday morning. it is only a few days after launch so who knows what the rest of the expansion has in store for players, but lets take a look at some of the most exciting parts of this expansion.


While technically invasions were a pre patch world event leading up to Legion it is still some of the best content WoW has seen in a long time. This event included six different zones of Azeroth being invaded by the demon army. Players from across Azeroth teamed up to repel these demons in an all out assault. Horde and Alliance standing together to protect the world of Azeroth. It included destroying demon towers, Fighting giant bosses, slaying demons. Before you even began to do invasions there was a quest line in which the horde and alliance storm the beaches of the new zone The Broken Shore. It all culminates to two different cutscenes depending on what faction you are a part of. This had some of the best narrative from Warcraft since the 2008 expansion Wrath of the Lich King. Doing Invasions gave you specific sets of gear you could only obtain through this event as well as a few other goodies. This event lasted three weeks and truly gave everyone excessive amounts of good vibes and hype for the release. Each week closer to release the invasions happened more frequently, until eventually they were always happening. Many WoW players discovered that doing invasions on lower level characters was a great way to level very quickly. Players were able to get characters to max level in a matter of hours.

Order Halls.


Order Halls are a new hub for your specific class. In Warlords of Draenor players had personal garrisons where they built shops and other buildings they desired for themselves. While garrisons were effective and a fun part of the expansion it completely took away from the social aspect of the game. In Legion Blizzard has implemented the same concept of garrisons but now every class has an area to go to. For instance my warrior hangs out in the high heavens of Skyhold. Every warrior in the game is sent on a quest to prove themselves to the god Odyn and be let into Valhalla Skyhold. Your Order hall grants you similar mechanics to your garrison in the way of upgrading and sending your followers on mission to obtain items for you, but you are not alone. It really gives you a sense of class pride and identity. Every class has an order hall that fits them. Druids hang out in the lush forests of Moonglade, Rogues in an underground lair beneath a store front, Mages in the Violet Hold high above Dalaran. Every Order hall is unique and makes your class feel part of something much bigger than yourself.


By far the biggest change of this expansion are Artifacts. Instead of getting your weapons from boss drops or quest like every other expansion, Blizzard has turned the tables. You are now sent on a quest in the opening of the expansion after obtaining access to your Order Hall to get one of three Artifact weapons. Each weapon is based on your specific spec you play.  My Fury Warrior was sent on a quest to get 2 one handed swords called the war swords. While some other players were sent on quests to get more notable weapons like Ashbringer or the infamous Doomhammer. The thought of being able to wield these legendary weapons and use them have been players dreams since Warcraft was an RTS. Progression and leveling is taken off the players and focused more on forging and upgrading your artifact weapon to reach its highest potential. Throughout the expansion you are gaining artifact power from quests and world drops that are then used to buy new talents and buffs on your artifact. Ruins allow you to slot your artifact with specific abilities that are unique to the ruins you find in the world. Once you level your character high enough you have to ability to go back and obtain the other artifact weapons fro your class, but leveling them is a big investment so I recommend focusing on your main one first.



In Legion all of the new zones are scaled to your level, meaning you can do any zone in any order. I singled out Val’sharah in specific, because it is the most beautiful zone since Nagrand in Burning Crusade. I don’t want to give too much away if you haven’t seen it yet, but it is a lush Druid forest that should not be skipped over for any reason. In fact I recommend you complete that zone first.


Those are just some of the things I have had the pleasure of seeing on my first few days with the expansion. Legion has been an extreme blast to play and if you’ve been thinking about getting into to Warcraft or returning now is the perfect time. The first raid Emerald Nightmare comes out on September 20th so you have plenty of time to level and gear up!

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