Injustice 2 Could Deliver Us The Mortal Kombat Vs DC Game We Wanted

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Mortal Kombat Vs DC wasn’t a great game. It was a vanilla Mortal Kombat game and a mediocre DC comics game. It was well before the time of grim dark gritty superhero games and movies. And in a sense, ahead of its time. The biggest issues were the pressures that DC put on Midway and NetherRealm to not let their characters kill or even be killed in too gruesome of a way. But all bets are off when Superman kills people like how he killed Billy Batson in the first Injustice game. And if Batman V Superman is any indication I’d like to think that DC has softened their stance of not letting their characters kill.

Since NetherRealm established the Injustice universe I think it’s the perfect time to revisit a Mortal Kombat vs DC game. Superman is an ultra bad guy whose been executing people along with Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and Damian Wayne. Add in the usual roster of Villains who kill for fun and pretty much the whole roster will have some cool fatalities and none of the “Brutality” nonsense. The only character who won’t kill people is Batman. Which is fine but he could do stage fatalities. For example after the fight and Bats has won, the stage (depending on what it is) starts to fall apart. Maybe a pillar begins to fall and Batman decides not to save the person he’s fighting. In Batman Begins he literally says to Ra’s Al Ghul “I won’t kill you, but I don’t have to save you”. Simply apply that concept and you have a Batman fatality.
Another reason why there should be an MK vs DC game is to stop putting Mortal Kombat characters in Injustice. Having Scorpion and Sub-Zero in the games is lame. It’s a half measure and if we’ve learned anything, “There are no half-measures”. (Sorry if you haven’t seen Breaking Bad)

So what does an Injustice vs Mortal Kombat game look like? Well first I think you need to consider the roster choices. Ed boon would need to make sure there is a fighting equivalent on both sides. So basically match speed with speed, strength with strength, etc. As long as each side of the fight is balanced then you can have a quality game. Making sure no one character is too overpowered. That should be a general rule for all fighting games though. I also think you do away with X-ray moves and give every fighter an ultimate move which some will argue is the same thing but it’s really not. Presentation makes a big difference between the two moves. Also doing this will make the game feel like a cleaner mashup of the two.

Throw in the fatalities for every character and you can have some pretty sweet destruction. And since you are in the Injustice universe where people are killing each other with laser beams, giant tridents or their bare hands, you can make some pretty awesome fatalities. Imagine superman flying a character into space and throwing them into the sun. You would watch the body incinerate then melt then dissolve as it got closer and closer. It could be kinda cool.

Now for the story. This is tough because you don’t really want to rely on the whole dimensional rift thing in order to put the characters together. So maybe you just let the characters already be living in the same universe. This game doesn’t need to be related to the MK story line and what you can do is have Shao Kahn invade earth. As his armies attack Batman teams up with Sonya Blade her special forces unit, which Batman always knew about (of course). Raiden will also get involved because he is the protector of Earth Realm. At this time Wonder Woman and Black Adam discover a way to break Superman out of the Phantom Zone and succeed while the Justice League and Earth Realm’s best are busy with Shao Kahn. I think the final battle would be really cool if you play as charged up supergirl and she faces off against Shao Kahn and Superman in a 2 vs 1 match.


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