Why everyone should stop panicking about Final Fantasy 15 being delayed

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Recently director of Final Fantasy 15 Hajime Tabata released a video explaining why Final Fantasy 15 is going to be delayed until November 29th. This is just months after the game, that seemed to be years in the making, was finally ready for us.

Here is Tabata’s video announcement of the delay:

Basically this video tells the fans we won’t need some massive day one patch and any bugs that are still there, will be worked out. Plus we will get some extra content and there might be DLC in the future. Fans weren’t too happy with the delay:

Yes it’s mostly funny but still fans weren’t thrilled that the game 10 years in the making is going to take a little longer.

But that’s okay…

Courtesy Square Enix
Courtesy Square Enix

Final Fantasy 15 being delayed isn’t bad. It’s surprisingly a good thing. First off let’s talk about the immense pressure that Tabata and Square Enix is facing with this game. The Final Fantasy franchise has faltered with it’s releases in the last 5 years. Final Fantasy 15 is supposed to be the game that brings Square Enix back to it’s prominent status as one of the world’s best game developers. When facing pressure like that you don’t want to take any chances of a game launching with problems. Is 10 years too long to wait for a game to be released? Yes but since it’s already been 10 years, another two months is no problem at all.

Don’t rush perfection…

Because when you rush perfection you take a chance on a bad launch experience. A buggy game that needs a huge patch is less than desirable and pair that with a game that was 10 years in the making, people are going to be pissed. It could cripple Square Enix. It sucks a game is taking long to be released but taking long and being bad is so much worse.

If you are feeling empty…

Courtesy Square Enix
Courtesy Square Enix

Final Fantasy 15 has been a multimedia experience and everything currently available is amazing content. The anime, Brotherhood: Final Fantasy 15 is incredible and highly recommended if you are disappointed you can’t the game as soon as you hoped. It is supposed to be six standalone episodes that gives an in depth look at the friendships between Noctis and his three pals, Ignis, Prompto and Gladiolus. Currently the first four episodes are available.

Square Enix also released the film Kingsglaive which is a prequel story for 15. The film is okay, it’s not the best I’ve seen. It has a lot of redeeming qualities and if you are into the lore of this world, there is a lot of information here to give you perspective into what the main characters of 15 are doing and why they are doing it. I really recommend this film especially if you are bummed that Final Fantasy 15 is being delayed.

So everyone should not be so concerned about Final Fantasy 15’s delay. I think that Final Fantasy 15 is going to be hands down the best game of this year and if you were told you will get the best game of 2016 would you really be upset if you had to wait just a little bit longer?

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