Why everyone should Play Dungeons & Dragons

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For years I have wanted to play Dungeons & Dragons, but never had a group of adventurers brave enough to take the leap. After years of watching groups like Acquisition Inc, Tabletop Adventures/Escapades I longed for an adventure. Finally this year I was asked to take out my dice and roll for initiative.

D&D might be something that seems extremely overwhelming and intimidating to someone unfamiliar with the way it works. The most common questions asked are, yeah but how do you play? Is there a board? Are there actual rules?

This is a game all about improv, thinking outside of the box, and constantly pushing the limits for creative story telling. It is truly unlike any experience I have had in a video game or tabletop game before.

But why should YOU play it?

Dungeons and Dragons is whatever you and your group want it to be. Your Dungeon Master (the person telling the story and shaping the world you are playing in) is there to make sure all the players are having a good time. If you want to do something ridiculous just ask or try and see if you can make it work and if you want to play extremely seriously you can do that too.

D&D has something for everyone, and it causes you to think differently than you have before. It creates a bond with the group you are playing with and gives you tales of adventures forever. Pretending to be a dwarf with a drinking problem, or an Elf who is trying to avenge their family have so much potential for growth. Watching your character go through character arcs that were handcrafted by your Dungeon Master to fit the story you are trying to tell.

I always try and get people to play things I truly believe are worth it, and I hold Dungeons and Dragons above all of those.

Now, it’s time for you to roll initiative.

Jesse Vitelli
Has been playing games since before he could walk. Is a lover of RPG's and indie games. He once beat Luigi's Mansion in one 9 hour sitting and achieved rank A. If you look you can find over 2,000 Halo 3 custom games on his account. You will probably find him logging in hours on Destiny or World of Warcraft.


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