Vice’s New Gaming Channel Waypoint and the 72 Hour Twitch Stream

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Happy Halloween Everyone!

VICE’s new gaming channel Waypoint kicked was kicked off with a 72 hour stream. They played 72 games in 72 hours ranging from Gears of War 4 to Goldeneye on the N64. Waypoint even got in some table top games too.


Myself, and Gamerations members Jesse and Dan were lucky enough be apart of the stream. We were apart of the Goldeneye hour, which was a tournament dubbed “The Golden Gun Invitational” and it certainly was a doozy.

Let’s Talk Goldeneye 007 For a Second


The hit game came out on the N64 in 1997 and won quite a few awards. It was an innovative first person shooter that changed competitive gaming and competitive shooters for the better. Here is the issue, the game does not stand the test of time well. The gameplay was clunky, movement was erratic and aiming was nearly impossible. I still love the game to death but it was a very difficult game to play especially after 15+ years.


Now onto Gamerations’ involvement in the stream. Me, Dan and Jesse along with staff writer of VICE’s vertical “Broadly”, Diana Tourjee played in the first round of “The Golden Gun Invitational”. We played free-for-all, first to 5 kills wins. Top two got to move on to the next round. Jesse got five kills in a matter of minutes and Dan, Diana, and I had a combined zero kills. I was able to move on to the next round only because I had less deaths than Dan and Diana. You could say I failed my way into the quarter finals. From there I hit my stride and Jesse fell off in a big way. I came in second again and made my way into the final four free-for-all match. At this point all of the Goldeneye rust was shaken off and in that fatal-four-way I was the first to 10 kills and cemented my spot in the final face-off.

The final face off was a match of Slappers Only to one kill because if we did any more than that Waypoint’s entire audience would have left the stream. Before we talk about how the final match went down I want to talk about…

…Waypoint’s 72 hour stream

I really love this idea. I think one of the best ways to establish a brand and new vertical is by showing it off. I feel like this 72 hour stream captures the heart of what VICE is trying to do with Waypoint. Also having experienced members of the gaming community such as Patrick Klepek at the helm shows the commitment to making the best content possible for fans. I think Vice and Waypoint know the community is moving more towards streamers. People are going on Twitch to see the new games out there instead of heading to a website. I like that Waypoint can be an outlet for fans to go and check out the new games Waypoint is streaming while simultaneously being entertained by the great personalities they brought in.

Back To The Finals

I lost, pretty miserably. It was hard trying to get close to my opponent and hit him. Also he was using body armor, which was kinda messed up, but we hugged it out there so no hard feelings. At the end of the day it was a great experience for us to be apart of and I hope more opportunities like this can come our way. I even had a quick Q & A session afterwards which was a fun experience too.

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