Think of the Children preview Pax East 2017

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Think of the Children is an indie game developed by Australian developer Jammed up Studios. This gem of a game was discovered by us at Pax east 2017 as part of the Pax Aus roadshow. After chatting with one of the developers on the game we learned a little bit more about this aesthetically cute morbid game.

Think of the children is a game where you play as the parent trying prevent your kids from dying in unique situations. This 8 bit game is a lot more chaotic than we first anticipated. The co op mode allowed us to play as each parent trying to protect their kids from harm. The first level was a picnic in which we were both trying to set up the party, while stopping our kids from running into the street, drowning in the pool, or eating poisonous berries. It was very reminiscent of Overcooked in the sense of yelling at your partner a list of things that need to get done.

Another level has us going grocery shopping in the supermarket while keeping the kids from embarrassing us too much. While one of us quickly gathered the items from the list, I was tasked with protecting the children from locking themselves in the freezer or making a mess around the store.

This game blends chaos, cute 8 bit art, and a seemingly morbid foundation for a game into something truly fun and terrific.

There were only three levels in the demo, but there will be ten in the full game. The game will be released on Steam in May for $10 and will come to consoles shortly after.

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