The Legend of Zelda Title Themes: Greatest Hits

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Here at Gamerations we love our music and we especially love our Legend of Zelda music. So in honor of the franchise we made a video dedicated to the heart tugging title themes that have been presented to us over the past 30 years.

Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild (Nintendo Switch) Mini Review:

After playing 11 hours of The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, I felt like I wanted to share a small sliver of opinion of the game so far. Since I’ve only scratched the surface I cannot rave about how great this game is. I will say it has been a fun adventure so far. The art design is incredible, I love the how the landscapes look, how the characters look and even the menu screen designs are pretty cool.

Gameplay is pretty standard for a Zelda game. It’s the classic third person free roam. You can switch between the items you collect throughout. The biggest difference to me so far is the fact that weapons can break. Most of us have been so accustomed to just rolling up with our master swords and killing everything in sight. It doesn’t quite work in this game. I like that a strategic approach to battles is important for success. I think it adds another layer, and quality is all about the layers.

Another important thing to me is tracking side quests. I feel like that’s not something we’ve had in The Legend of Zelda games. The new game makes it way easier to keep on top of all of the extra missions to do in this massive world.

I am currently playing on the Nintendo Switch and yes there are some frame rate issues but it’s never enough to be upsetting. Most of the time it corrects itself anyway.

Editor’s Notes:

The video is entirely opinion based. All of The Legend of Zelda tracks were picked because of how we felt about them and no other reason. Commentary is offered to give a little background to each Legend of Zelda theme but we do not editorialize most of the video. (I couldn’t help myself during Majora’s Mask)

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