The Division Beta First Impressions

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After participating in both the closed and open beta for Ubisoft’s upcoming game The Division I can this is a first day pickup for me. I have been anxiously awaiting this game since its first announcement back at E3 2013. The game looked like everything a next generation game should include. It had online co-op, intense gunfights, and a beautiful open-world NYC. After the rocky launch of Destiny I had questioned if these large scale games were just a pipe dream that we were still years away from seeing run smoothly.

After both betas I was extremely impressed with how well things ran in game. The closed beta had its bugs that I was concerned with such things as exploiting the darkness zones, and some frame rate issues, however Ubisoft fixed these for the open beta this past weekend. While the two missions the beta allowed were relatively short they had a ton of action and provided a lot of fun for my friends and I. I personally love any game that has an upgradeable base element to it so the Base of Operations is right up my alley. I hope to see more enemies roaming the dangerous streets of NYC, because it feels natural to go and help a civilian in trouble, or even just stop traveling to rid the streets of evil. The-Division-Dark-Zones-Gameplay-700x350

The most exciting time I spent in the beta was running around the streets of the Dark Zone with fellow writer Nick Negri. We explored, found sweet loot, and eventually lost that sweet loot to some rogue agents. Every interaction you have with another player is extremely stressful in a very satisfying way. I loved knowing at any moment I could shoot this player and take his gear, or that Negri would have my back if I got into a tight spot. I am extremely excited to see how this will tie into the end game aspect of The Division.

If you’re not entirely sure if these MMO/Shooter hybrids are for you I highly recommend you watch a few gameplay videos of The Division this could be the game to change your mind.


Jesse Vitelli
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