Telltale Batman: Ep. 3 New World Order Review

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The third episode of Telltale’s Batman series was released on Tuesday, October 28th. While I will be reviewing each episode as they are released, I will not be giving the game a final score until all five episodes have been released. You can read my episode one and two review in the links provided.

The beginning of episode three deals with the fallout of the climatic ending of episode two., but does not dwell for too long. The first two chapters of episode three are rather straight forward, but are still building an important foundation for the problems coming.

Lets begin by getting the problems out of the way first. The dropping of frame rates has been an ongoing issue with every episode. There are important moments where one moment I am about to punch a thug in the face, it freezes, and then the thug is across the room. These buckles happen far to frequently for them to be considered isolated incidents and it has only been getting more noticeable as each episode advances. That being said, it is not game breaking or bad enough to the point of not wanting to play, but it breaks the immersion of the world more than one would like.


Episode three has by far the most interesting plot points of the series so far. Telltale has done a great job with balancing characters like Oswald Cobblepot, Harvey Dent, Selina Kyle, and Vicki Vale without making any of them feel forced. While there are plenty of other characters in the universe, these are the four I believed really shined in this episode. As the overarching story of the Children of Arkham begins to take hold, it is captivating to see which of your favorite Batman characters are and are not involved in this new order.

Detective Batman is back in the episode which is the only thing I felt episode two severely lacked. Once again you are tasked with investigating all of the evidence at the crime scene and linking the correct pieces together. Some of the pieces of evidence includes a make shift chemistry lab, a dead body, a train map and more. Once you’ve linked the correct pieces you get a pretty hefty amount of information on the plans of the Children of Arkham.

Telltale does a great job at presenting a new and exciting twist on the batman universe by using familiar characters, in a new light. Characters like Harvey Dent who fans know very well, are still having a hard time pinning down just exactly what is happening with him. As a Batman fan it is extremely refreshing to have a new take on this.

After talking with others who have been playing Telltale’s Batman series I have found that drastically different things have been going on in their games. This has me very excited to replay the game. Telltale has what I feel is one of the most interesting story arcs we have seen from the Batman universe in recent years. Episode 4 and 5 will be out within the next few months and I can not wait to see how they wrap up the story in season one.

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