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Play NYC Could Mean Big Things For New York’s Gaming Scene

Share This: August 21st and 22nd delivered us a gaming convention, the likes of which New York City has never seen before. Play NYC was New York’s FIRST dedicated gaming convention and my only thought is, what took so long?! Co-Founder Dan Butchko and his team at Playcrafting did an excellent organizing an event that brought in New York based developers showing off over 100 games. So first and foremost, big… Read Article →

Did Sony forever change the format of future E3 Press Conferences?

Share This: Last night anyone watching the Sony press conference at E3 witnessed an entirely new way for companies to handle their conferences. While I am still riding the high from yesterday’s shows I will have a more content focused article later in the week, but for now I wanted to highlight an important part of what pushed Sony over the top last night. It wasn’t about the executives at… Read Article →