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Play NYC Could Mean Big Things For New York’s Gaming Scene

Share This: August 21st and 22nd delivered us a gaming convention, the likes of which New York City has never seen before. Play NYC was New York’s FIRST dedicated gaming convention and my only thought is, what took so long?! Co-Founder Dan Butchko and his team at Playcrafting did an excellent organizing an event that brought in New York based developers showing off over 100 games. So first and foremost, big… Read Article →

Rocket League Update: Let’s Get Ready To Rumble

Share This: On Thursday, Psyonix launched the newest update to Rocket League, the massively popular car-based soccer game. While the update offers players a number of smaller tweaks and highly anticipated features, the big headline here is the brand new Rumble game type. Rumble is a variation on the classic Soccar mode, a five-minute 3v3 match, the team that scores the most goals wins. What’s changed is that each player… Read Article →

Are AAA and Indie Still Enough to Define a Game?

Share This: When we talk about games, we often lump them into one of two basic categories, “AAA” and “indie”, based on a games’ budget. Think of AAA as the gaming equivalent of a blockbuster movie. It’s a spectacle when it’s released and its expected to bring in huge numbers for the publisher. These are games like Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto, games that break out of the… Read Article →

First Impressions: The Culling

Share This: When a small indie game titled The Culling blasted it’s way to the top of the Steam top sellers list from seemingly nowhere it became pretty clear that it was a game we had to check out and I’m very glad we did. The Culling is a brand new game developed by Xaviant, the developer behind Lichdom: Battlemage, that takes a fresh new approach to the survival game… Read Article →

Secret Ponchos

The Good, The Bad & The Secret Ponchos

Share This: Secret Ponchos is a western styled twin stick shooter currently in development by Switchblade Monkeys Entertainment that has launched on Steam Early Access. Recently I’ve been sitting down to play the game and while it is fun and has a ton of potential to be a great title it’s only problem is that it is still an early access game, one that still feels very far from completion…. Read Article →

March 4th Greenlit Games

Share This: Today is March 4th and there has been a new batch of games greenlit via Steam’s Greenlight program. The following 50 games will, at their developers will, be now be released and sold on Steam: 100% Orange Juice 18 Wheels of Steel: Extreme Trucker Age of Blood: The Scourge Atatjrubah Backstage Pass Crawl competitive multiplayer dungeon crawler Powerhoof Crio-Dead; Memory Dacadence Diadra Empty Dino Storm Disrupt Doom &… Read Article →

Steam Family Sharing Is Live

Share This: Steam’s newest feature, Family Sharing, is live as of today according to the updated Steam page. Finally out of beta users can share their gaming libraries with up to five family members and across up to 10 different computers. Additionally achievements and game saves will all be synced to the shared users respective Steam accounts. The only potential downsides are shared users must be online to play a… Read Article →