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Payday 2: The Game That Won’t Die

Share This: Overkill Software and Starbreeze Studios’ Payday 2 first released in 2013. You read that correctly. Payday 2 launched 4 years ago. Very few games still see support after a year but Payday 2 is a game free from the standardized system and is a game that still remains fully supported by both developer and community and is still incredibly popular. Mind you this is not a problem. As… Read Article →

Payday 2 Concludes It’s Huge Yearly Update

Share This: Overkill Software released Payday 2, their hit co-op first person shooter  in 2013. It’s rare for games in said genre to continue being supported 3 years later but Overkill has continued to release new content for the game at a consistent pace. Each year Overkill hosts a 10 day event, previously known as Crimefest, in which each day brings a new update or expansion to the games players… Read Article →

Revisiting Payday: The ARG

Share This: Today, for those of you who don’t know, is the day that Crimefest begins again in the world of Payday 2. For someone like me this is a really exciting day. I’ve been playing Overkill Software’s Payday franchise since day 1. I had pre-ordered Payday: The Heist on Steam with a couple of my friends and anxiously awaited the games launch. Of course that was hindered a bit… Read Article →