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Breaking Down Trailer Breakdowns

Share This: In film production, everything that appears onscreen is referred to as mise-en-scène. This includes the lighting of a scene, the composition of the shot, and the character’s appearance. Essentially, everything the viewer sees has been meticulously thought out by the production crew. Nothing is there by accident. So, when it comes time for a new game or console announcement, or both like just this past week, the community… Read Article →

Destiny: A Look Ahead at Rise of Iron

Share This: With Rise of Iron almost upon us we thought it would be good to talk about the 5 things have us most excited for the new Destiny’s next expansion 5. The Rise Of Iron Chapter In The Destiny Story I don’t think any would argue that Destiny’s story telling ability has jumped astronomically since the original game was released 2 years ago. Now because of how good The Taken… Read Article →

Destiny: A Look Back.

Share This: This past year for Destiny has had its highest highs, and its lowest lows. Since is release in 2014 Destiny has gone through significant changes and taken on many different forms. With the release of The Taken King a year ago, Destiny had changed for the better. The Taken King had introduced a slew of new features that changed the way the game played. Lets take a look… Read Article →

The Division Beta First Impressions

Share This: After participating in both the closed and open beta for Ubisoft’s upcoming game The Division I can this is a first day pickup for me. I have been anxiously awaiting this game since its first announcement back at E3 2013. The game looked like everything a next generation game should include. It had online co-op, intense gunfights, and a beautiful open-world NYC. After the rocky launch of Destiny… Read Article →

Halloween has come a little early

Share This: Halloween has come a bit early for the Destiny community as the Festival of the lost began today. Players logged in to find themselves being able to Trick or Treat around the tower to earn some Halloween goodies. This is a huge improvement on last years little halloween treat when players were able to wear Jack O Lanterns on their heads as an in game consumable. The Festival… Read Article →

Destiny’s King’s Fall Hard Mode

Share This: This past Friday Destiny gave players access to the King’s Fall hard mode raid. Players were frantically trying to gear up for this release. People were speculating all over Reddit and the forums just exactly what hard mode might have for players. Bungie stated in earlier weekly reviews that hard mode was designed as the default raid experience and normal mode was created afterwards. This is in fact… Read Article →

It is my Destiny, to play Destiny.

Share This: It has been a tremendous year of growth for Destiny and its player base.  If you are a day one player like myself you understand the roller coaster of emotions that came with every update, DLC, and secret found. With the recent expansion “The Taken King” Bungie has shown they are listening to the player base and are really growing towards their potential as game designers. While last… Read Article →

I can’t stop playing Destiny

Share This: Now this is a follow up to my review to Destiny which I actually wrote a bit ago (even if it just got posted a few days ago). It’s strange because Destiny was a very hard review to write. Destiny is filled with issues, mostly revolving around the story and overall I had to give it a 7.5 out of 10. It definitely isn’t the most fun game… Read Article →

Review: Destiny

Share This: Bungie has just released their newest game, their first game not in the Halo universe since 2001. Destiny was developed by Bungie for the PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360 and was published by Bungie’s new publisher, Activision, and cost the companies a whopping $500 million to create. With the incredible stories from the Halo universe in their past and about 936,000 pre-orders on the Playstation 4… Read Article →