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Journey: Revisited 5 Years Later And How Indie Gaming Was Impacted

Share This: It’s been five years since thatgamecompany released their smash hit Journey. I recently replayed Journey and I’ll be talking about how the game stands up five years later and how some of this year’s indie classics may have been inspired by indie game. (While you read, it’s worth listening to the Soundtrack to Journey) So for those of you that don’t know Journey is an indie game originally released exclusively for… Read Article →

Destiny: A Look Ahead at Rise of Iron

Share This: With Rise of Iron almost upon us we thought it would be good to talk about the 5 things have us most excited for the new Destiny’s next expansion 5. The Rise Of Iron Chapter In The Destiny Story I don’t think any would argue that Destiny’s story telling ability has jumped astronomically since the original game was released 2 years ago. Now because of how good The Taken… Read Article →

5 reasons why we are stoked Final Fantasy XV

Share This: So Final Fantasy XV has gotten a release and for now we believe this one to be the real deal. Mark it in your calendars because September 30th, 2016 seems to be the day and here’s why we think it’s a great thing. 1. The obvious reason:  We will finally be able to get our hands on the game that has been in development for longer than most… Read Article →