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E3 2017 Press Conference Nintendo Predictions

Share This: Nintendo has a big year coming up at their E3 2017 Press Conference (Direct). Coming off of the hot launch of the Nintendo Switch this is a make or break E3 for them. With The Legend of Zelda hype slowly fading away it is time for Nintendo to turn the hype to 11 with some new games. Super Mario Odyssey is coming in the Holiday Season of 2017,… Read Article →

First Impressions: Is Pokémon Sun the Right Step for the Series?

Share This: As a kid, I would wake up each morning and watch Pokémon on Kids’ WB before heading off to school. Pokémon was my favorite show, my favorite game, my favorite conversation topic, my favorite everything. What was known as “Pokémania” had taken over the world and at the time, Pokemon seemed like a fad that people would soon grow out of. Fast forward to 2016, the 20th anniversary… Read Article →

Announcement: Yoshi Edition 3DS XL

Share This: Nintendo has just announced, earlier this morning, that they will be releasing a Yoshi Edition 3DS XL on March 14th alongside the release of their new Yoshi game, Yoshi’s New Island. This new green 3DS will feature an image of Yoshi on the front of the 3DS as well as a series of Yoshi eggs on the back. The retail price for the Yoshi Edition 3DS XL will… Read Article →