Super Mario Run…For The Hills

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Nintendo has released it’s next effort into mobile gaming with Super Mario Run and this gamer is not too thrilled with the result.


It’s certainly a step forward for Nintendo to make an attempt at dominating the mobile market by release games such as Super Mario Run and Pokemon Go. The problem is that these games are praying on nostalgia driven fans, who will throw money at anything Mario related without considering the product first.

Super Mario Run is a $10 app, which is expensive for a game. Some productivity apps are more money than that but there’s a short list of paid apps that cost more than Super Mario Run. To me that’s a steep ask for a game that lacks in substance. It’s not much more dynamic than a ‘Temple Run’ type mobile game the only difference is that instead of forward facing, Super Mario Run is a side scroller. The worlds are no different than anything we’ve seen before. It would have been better if Nintendo just ported an already made game for mobile instead of this new app. It feels more like an app than a game anyway. At least with Pokemon Go you had the option to pay if you wanted to advance faster, Super Mario is you just pay, play the levels which take about a few hours to beat the whole thing, then you think to yourself, why did I just waste my money.

The auto-run feature is probably the thing that kills it the most for me. It takes the challenge out of the game. Mario will effortless hop over enemies which in every other Mario game ever made would cause damage, or take a life from you. Watered down Mario is not a game any of us should have been on board with (unless of course it’s Mario Sunshine but I digress).

Another egregious feature that Super Mario Run has is it’s online only feature. I had this issue with Pokemon Go as well. It irks me that developers don’t realize that always connected is not great for mobile games. The point of a mobile game is to be able to play it anywhere including planes and subways. Two places that are notorious for bad signal strength. And when your not in the subway or in the air, you have to use your data to play the game, assuming your not connected to the wifi. Service providers are already foaming at the mouth of the endless capabilities that can incur data overages and if it were ‘free to play’ fine, make it online only. But if I have to pay $10, then I should at least have the option to operate offline. There is a market for offline entertainment anyway. If there wasn’t Netflix would have never offered the ability to download video straight to your device so you can watch it with using data.

Super Mario Run is a good idea for Nintendo but a bad result for mobile gaming’s future.

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