Star Wars: The Old Republic “Star Wars Day” Celebration begins today

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Starting today users logging into (or creating an account) to Bioware’s Star Wars MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic will receive a free Mini Pet. The MT-4T Astromech Droid Mini-Pet is being given to all users who are in game any time up until May the fourth, better known as Star Wars Day. Additionally between May 2nd and May 4th everything from story missions to Warzones are double XP. If you’re a player of the game with a character who hasn’t hit level 50 (or 55 with expansions) this is your chance to level at double the speed it would normally take.

As if that wasn’t enough a new incentive to become a subscriber to the game is still going on. Subscribe to the game prior to May 4th and get 1000 cartel coins free of charge along with five rooms at your Nar Shaddaa Sky Palace, a mini pet, some titles and early access to the games upcoming expansion pack Galactic Strongholds.

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