Star Wars Battlefront – The February Update

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Today EA Dice released the February update for Star Wars Battlefront, and I’ve got to say it’s a great update. As someone who’s been playing the game on and off since it launched Dice has been pretty decent with supporting the game however up until today some major issues had remained in the game since the beginning. Luckily today’s patch fixed squashed the remaining problems as well as added new content to all players for free.

Some of the main issues that were fixed in todays update were fixing achievements, fixing bugs, tweaking damage values, as well as adding new content and changing map rotations. I won’t go too into detail regarding damage value changes, but it is important to note that after all this time Dice has finally increased the size of the A-Wing hitboxes. The A-Wings have always been the best ship in the game, because it’s hitboxes were always too small making the ship very difficult to kill from a Tie Fighter or Interceptor. This is a fix that has been long requested and it’s finally been answered. Additionally the “Playing The Objective” achievement/trophy for having the most kills in a round of Blast has finally been fixed. Again this had been broken since launch and had Dice had attempted to fix it in past patches but with no luck. I can personally confirm that this time the achievement/trophy is in fact fixed.

The Battle Of Jakku expansion has also been included into the base game as an update. Prior to now it was available as a free DLC which meant that those without it installed couldn’t play together with those who had it installed. Now everyone can play together without any issues. This may become an issue once again once the first expansion pack launches and divides the community, but for now it should be easier than ever to find a game. Additionally all maps that were previously only playable in Supremacy or Walker Assault are now playable in Turning Point. Turning Point is one of my favorite game modes, so I’m absolutely ecstatic about this change.

As if these changes weren’t enough Dice has added new content in the way of a new costume for Leia (her Endor outfit) as well as a brand new map for Walker Assault, Turning Point, Supremacy, Blast, Drop Zone, Fighter Squadron and Heroes Vs. Villains. The new map is called Twilight On Hoth and as it sounds is a brand new Hoth map. Dice also surprised players with a brand new survival mission.

Additionally Dice also released an image to show off the upcoming “Outer Rim” expansion pack. The image below below shows off a battle which seems to indicate that the new hero and villain coming are Greedo and Nien Nunb. This of course goes against the original thoughts that the Heroes to be added were Chewbacca, Lando and Ben Kenobi with a villain as well. In this case Greedo will obviously be the villain with Nien Nunb the hero. I’m still going to assume that we will see Lando added as a Hero in the Bespin expansion pack, though the rest is now totally up in the air.

Star Wars Battlefront Outer Rim expansion pack

Overall EA Dice has done a pretty good job of keeping the game fresh even for those of us without the season pass. It seems more and more these days that the days of free updates are gone replaced with a requirement for a season pass. Battlefront was certainly not perfect at launch but Dice has done a pretty damn good job keeping the game updated with fixes, patches and new content. I can’t say that I still play daily but at over 50 hours in I’m still feeling the desire to keep playing and that is something I simply can’t say about most games.

For the full list of patch notes from the Star Wars Battlefront update click here.

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