Digital Download Ep. 36 Is the Nintendo Switch worth It?

On this episode of Digital Download we are riding the high that was the release of the Nintendo Switch. We also discuss news about Destiny and Overwatch. Both of these pieces of news sort of slipped under the craziness caused by the Switch. So sit back and enjoy our thoughts on this week’s news and some fun stuff Mike bought

Digital Download Ep. 35 Nintendo Switch Concerns?

On this episode of Digital Download we have Gamerations member Mike Rosenberg back on the panel! With this fully formed panel we discus potential concerns for the soon to be released Nintendo Switch console. We also dig into some heavy hitters to will be released in the coming weeks such as Horizon Zero Dawn, Breath of the Wild, and Nier Automata. At the end of this episode we have a… Read Article →

Digital Download Ep. 33 Braving the Storm

On this week;s episode of Digital Download we discuss some games we can’t get enough of, like NiOh and For Honor. As well as the reveal of a Castlevania TV series coming to Netflix, and E3 being open to the public for the first time ever.  

Digital Download Ep. 31 Masochists are Real

On this episode of Digital Download we discuss Resident Evil 7, Ark Survival Evolved, and even the new Crystal Dynamics Avengers game that was announced. Things even get weirdly political with a potential new tariff on imported goods. Could this effect the video game industry in big ways? We discuss.

Digital Download Ep. 27 2016: A Look Back

This Week a new challenger approaches long time friend John Dunne. He helps us look back at some of the highs and lows of 2016 in gaming. We talk everything games and hardware related. Some of the biggest flops, and some surprise games we never expected to resonate with us. So join us for our wrap up of 2016. @TheGamerations @JesseVitelli @DanBerlin @Miker525

Digital Download Ep. 23 One Stop Pokéshop

This week we talk about our first experiences with the latest entry in the Pokemon franchise Sun and Moon. We talk our theories for the next hours into the journey, how we feel about the new direction the game has taken, and overall our excitement level for the new world. We also dive into our feelings and thoughts on the nominees for The Game Awards. Be sure that if you… Read Article →

Digital Download Ep. 20 Community Corner

Welcome to a very special episode of Digital Download! For our 20th episode the weeks news takes a back seat, and we decide to hear from our ever growing community! I share the stories you so graciously have shared with me over the past two weeks. We laugh, we cry, and we even share some of our favorite gaming moments. Thank you to everyone who allowed us to make twenty… Read Article →

Digital Download Ep. 19 Turn it Over Now Switch

This week on Digital Download we talk about three very important things. Playstation Tournaments, Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer, and all things Nintendo Switch. Next week we are gearing up for our 20th episode! Be sure to email with your favorite gaming memory and moment by this Thursday! @TheGamerations @JesseVitelli @DanBerlin @NickNegri @Miker525

Digital Download Ep. 18 Red Dead Remembered

This week on Digital Download, we add Mike Rosenberg back into the mix. Its a slow news week so we discuss all the games we’ve been playing. That includes a lot of Overwatch, Overcooked, Coup, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare and some Gears of War 4. We also talk about some juicy Red Dead teasers from Rockstar. @TheGamerations @JesseVitelli @DanBerlin @NickNegri