Rocket League Update: Let’s Get Ready To Rumble

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On Thursday, Psyonix launched the newest update to Rocket League, the massively popular car-based soccer game. While the update offers players a number of smaller tweaks and highly anticipated features, the big headline here is the brand new Rumble game type.

Rumble is a variation on the classic Soccar mode, a five-minute 3v3 match, the team that scores the most goals wins. What’s changed is that each player now has access to a random power up that changes the way you interact with the ball as well as the other players. 

The power ups appear 10 seconds after spawning or using the previous power up you’re given. Unlike Mario Kart and other similar games, the power ups are not found on the field. Instead, they are given to all the players at the same time, so they have a steady stream of abilities to cause chaos with.

Some power ups are straightforward in their use, the Haymaker punches the ball (once the ability is activated by clicking in the left stick), Freezer freezes the ball, even in midair, and The Boot kicks your opponent out of the way via auto lock on aiming.

Other power ups can become game changers. Swapper allows you to change your position on the field with an opponent, great for taking them out of clutch-hit scenarios, but you have to be careful of your own momentum. Power Hitter turns every dribble of the ball into a powerful strike, but it also allows you to demolish any opponent with one hit.

My personal favorites are Spike and Tornado. Spike makes the ball stick to your car for a quick and easy goal. However, Spike doesn’t last long so timing is key. You want to be close to the ball and to the goal when you activate this power up.

Tornado, as the name suggests, turns your car into a tornado. You’re able to sweep up the ball and your opponents as you boost across the field.

Rumble adds yet another layer of insanity to the already hectic core of Rocket League. And as the weeks and months add up, we can only hope to see the strategies fleshed out by the game’s top players. Or, maybe just some sick highlight montages set to dance music. Get you a game that can do both.

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