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I hate to say it but I was very hyped up for Star Wars: Battlefront. I hate to say that because generally when I get all hyped up about games they end up being a huge disappointment. I’m happy to say that while Battlefront is by no means a perfect game, it has certainly done its job at filling me with joy and happiness and a whole lot of good times.

First and foremost however I must say do NOT go into Dice’s Battlefront expecting an experience similar to the older Battlefront games. It’s not the same game, nor does it really try to be. I’ve heard plenty of complaints that the new Battlefront doesn’t feel like a true third game to the series and the fact is that it isn’t designed to be. This Battlefront is designed to be it’s own game and going in with that mentality will make the game all that much better.

Dice’s Star Wars: Battlefront is a solid arcade shooter and is, as should be obvious from the trailers and screenshots, one of the most beautiful games on this generation of consoles. The graphics and the realism are stunning, even without the PC versions photorealism mod. Battlefront is a fast paced shooter, with a variety of different game types to choose from, ranging from 10 to 40 player matches.

The number of planets in the game are limited but depending on what game mode and number of players involved the maps will change to different parts of the planets. Though the map content is limited the map designs are all absolutely incredible. When fighting it out on Endor you truly feel like you’re fighting it out deep in the forest, where it is easy to get lost. Hoth really feels like a wintery tundra that goes on forever. Of course the maps have boundaries but the way they are designed makes the maps truly seem and feel huge, even when you may end up only fighting in a relatively small area. In some game types on certain maps the game does end up feeling one sided. I’ve seen numerous complaints and I’m sure Dice will be tweaking this ever so slightly but I actually enjoy it for how it is. For instance in Walker Assault, the game tends to feel like the rebels are outnumbered and outmatched. I’m not sure it actually is as I believe my win lose ratio is about equal for both sides, but it still feels all the more better when you win playing on the side of the rebels. Similarly in Fighter Squadron, the ship battle game type, the rebel ships have some clear advantages over empire ships. If you’re playing for the objective then this isn’t a huge problem, but unfortunately it seems from playing gamers will tend to play in effort to get a higher KDR than get the objectives. Because of this the empire feels like it’s always at a major disadvantage here.

The game types each have their own feel and flow to them and are all pretty fantastic. Cargo, the capture the flag type game, and Droid Run, a capture the point where the points are moving robots mode, are always fast paced and exciting. Shootouts and power-ups are everywhere and it’s important to rely on the help of your team to ensure you don’t get flanked and lose the game. Game modes like Heroes Vs. Villains, where teams of six face off with 3 people on each team playing as an incredibly powerful and incredibly important person from the movies fighting until one team is eliminated, and Hero Hunt, a game where players are all matched up against one hero and whoever kills the hero becomes the next hero, have become my two favorite modes because of how truly intense they become. The games are not only a match of skill but wits as well. You will quickly realize when playing HvV that it is sometimes better to hide than the run off and try and get as many kills as you can. Of course not every game type is great. Blast, the games version of Team Deathmatch is okay, but gets boring quickly. Drop Zone, the games basic version of capture the point is similarly boring. Both game modes also frequently become frag fests. Because of how powerful explosive weapons are and how common they are you’ll frequently end up in small places with players just throwing nonstop explosives where you can’t escape explosions. It loses its fun and quickly becomes annoying.

As far as customization goes the game feels somewhat half assed. In terms of weapons and skill cards you unlock more as you level up. That said the higher level weapons you unlock are generally the better of the weapons. After a certain point you will just continue to see the same weapons being used. Additionally weapons can’t be modified or changed. This isn’t a huge issue as in game challenges will keep you cycling through weapons but for the most part the weapons are limited. Character customization is even worse. You can switch between different faces or hairstyles depending on what level you are. Once you hit the top 10 levels you actually start to unlock some awesome alien races or special unit storm troopers to play as but up until level 40 character customization seems almost like an afterthought than a real feature.

Battlefront is by no means perfect in game play either. On Endor I find myself stuck in glitched into trees unable to move more often than I should. That said Battlefronts gun play makes up for almost all of what the game lacks. Many people, my friends included have been playing Battlefront on the side while still focusing on Call Of Duty. Not me. I’ve found the gunplay, and for the most part hero play, so enjoyable Battlefront has been taking up just about all of my gaming time since its release. The game is very arcadey and you’ll frequently have absolutely ridiculous things happen. Even with rather limited gun options the guns just feel and shoot perfectly. This isn’t the kind of game for you to hide and try and take out enemies from a far. Generally you’re running right into battle fighting for victory. It’s just absolute non-stop fun.

For all intents and purposes Battlefront is a multiplayer game. I feel it is important however, to mention on the side that there are single player missions. Missions generally play out just like multiplayer matches however minus all the other players. Survival, the games wave survival mode is decent fun but only supports up to 2 player co-op which is actually a bit of a bummer. The mode is fun and decently enjoyable but I think it actually would have been much more fun with a party of 4. The modes certainly can’t compete with the online multiplayer aspects. It’s truly a shame there isn’t any campaign as I think that really would have made Battlefront a must buy.

Overall Battlefront is a solid title, but it still has a lot to prove. The game has numerous glitches that have yet to be patched, certain game modes need tweaking and the game is still fairly sparse on content. What content the game does have has been an absolute blast to play and I’ve really enjoyed my time with the game so far. I continue to look forward to my future with the game and all that new content that is going to come. Unfortunately it all comes at a cost. Battlefront retails at $60 but has an additional $50 season pass. While season passes are nothing new Battlefront might be the game that packs the least content with a full priced season pass. Of course EA has also promised free content and expansion packs along the way like the upcoming Battle Of Jakku expansion hitting on December 8th. They’ve promised additional free content down the line and I hope that is something they follow through on. Battlefront is a game I’m loving but it clearly still needs love and care to make it perfect. Bringing that love and care in an additional $50 package is not the proper way to handle that however.

Based off of what Battlefront currently is:

8.0 out of 10.

I plan on re-evaluating Star Wars: Battlefront after the next major update and once I get some hands on time with the Battle Of Jakku expansion. In its current state Battlefront isn’t perfect but for a hardcore Star Wars fan like myself Battlefront is the game of your dreams.

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