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Recently Ubisoft released the latest game in their hugely successful Far Cry franchise. Far Cry 4 is a solid game, with a strange plot, interesting characters and entertaining game mechanics and continued Far Cry’s tradition of giving the player a huge open world to roam and explore. The game is certainly fun and well built but seemed to fail at actually innovating using mostly the foundation of the previous game.

Far Cry 4 is absolutely gigantic in all aspects. The game presents the player with a huge map in which the player may freely move around and travel wherever they may desire, from caves to mountain ranges. The player is given total control of what they do, from story missions to side quests to random events to simply freely running around the environment. While free moving the player is able to do anything from start gun fights with enemy factions to going hunting in order to gain the necessities to craft supplies like a bigger wallet or a larger satchel. Throughout the game the player is capable of wielding alternate weapons from a huge array of different weapons, from your typical rifles and pistols to more explosive weapons like an RPG or a flamethrower, all of which can either be purchased through traders or found in the world of Kyrat.

While the world is vast in size it still manages to keep a realistic feel thanks to the use of wildlife. From collectible plants, to animals of all sorts you’ll constantly be finding things to collect, hunt or run from.From pigs and deer to tigers rhinos and elephants all are intractable. Not only will they interact with you, but you’ll often find them interacting with each other. Running around only to find a pack of wolves being devoured by a tiger adds significantly to the experience.

Now I admit I can’t judge too much in certain areas as I’m currently playing through the game on last generations Playstation 3 but I’m still left in shock by the quality of the graphics. I can only assume that playing on the PS4, Xbone or PC you’ll encounter stunning visuals. Sound wise and control are both flawless in their execution as well. Additionally I’ve heard many people complaining of game ruining bugs in Far Cry 4 but I’ve to admit that at about 25 hours into the game I still have yet to experience any issues. The game runs smoothly with no frame drops or stutters, or any bugs as far as I can see on the PS3.

Overall the game plays incredibly and is truly fun and enjoyable on many levels. The real problem I felt with the game was it didn’t really do much to innovate or move the franchise forward. Sure there are new guns, a new map, a new enemy and elephants you can ride, but the overall story ark or “escape from then fight back against a psychopath and his army” as well as the same game play of exploring, finding, running and shooting haven’t really changed. The game feels like a nice hefty mod for Far Cry 3, but feels like it could have been a mod none the less. Now that’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it was sure a disappointment.

The best part of the game is one of it’s Playstation exclusive features. Playstation Plus users are able to invite a few of their friends who don’t have to have a copy of the game to join them in co-op. The co-op allows you to explore and freely enjoy the world (minus story missions)with friends which is an absolute blast but being able to bring in friends who’ve not yet purchased the game is an even better treat. It’s this that actually feels the most fun of everything in the game. There is another feature called “Battle for Kyrat” which is the titles PVP multiplayer mode but it really isn’t all that wonderful. It can be fun for sure, but when compared to games with much larger PVP modes like Call of Duty or even Destiny Far Cry 4’s mode just fell short.

Overall Far Cry 4 is a great game. It’s well designed, fun, beautiful and has created an entertaining yet sinister villain for the players to enjoy. It offers countless hours of exploration and side quests with a decent cast of characters but overall didn’t feel overly new. The games failure to innovate giving players a similar story arc and similar game play to Far Cry 3 left me feeling a bit disappointed.


• Beautiful Graphics
• Enjoyable game play
• Huge interactive world
• Very well designed psychopathic nemesis

• Story feels too much like Far Cry 3
• Didn’t add any unique new features to the franchise
• Certain missions can feel repetitive.

Far Cry 4 is out now on UPlay, Steam, Origin, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360

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