Ratchet and Clank Review

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I have been playing the Ratchet and Clank series for as long as I can remember. These were the game that kept me entertained for hours as a kid. The beautifully colored worlds, The simple mechanics, and the awesome weaponry had me sitting at the tv for hours. I fell off the Ratchet and Clank train when I switched over the Xbox 360 and had been longing for them to make their return on PS4. So when I got my hands on this game I was determined to re live all of the nostalgia.

Ratchet and Clank delivers on everything I wanted out of a series reboot. It hits the nail on the head in every way. I can honestly say I can not remember a time I had so much fun playing a video game (aside from the hover board races). It is at many times self aware that it is a reboot, but does not overdue the jokes on that end. I found myself often looking around at how beautiful the planets I loved exploring during my childhood had turned out on PS4. tumblr_nz461a4QvP1sasycvo1_540

Pokitaru the beautiful tropical island planet filled with bold crisp blue oceans looks fantastic, by far my favorite planet in the game. The characters in this game all retain their quirky personalities and dialogue. The banter between Ratchet and Clank helps lighten some of the more action heavy sequences of the game without taking anything away from the hundreds of robots you are laying waste to.

The weapons in this game deliver a serious punch, whether you are just shooting with the simple magmabuster or turning your enemies into sheep with the sheepinator it is a blast. My favorite weapon is the groovitron which turns the battlefield into a disco dance party and forces every enemy caught in its field to start dancing.


While the game put emphasis a little more heavily on Dr. Nefarious it would have been nice to see Drek get some more screen time. Drek is an under utilized villain in Ratchet and Clank and had some serious build up for this game that I felt unsatisfied with when it came to the resolution. Other than that I thought the story was fantastic and very seriously recommend this game to old and even new fans of the series. For $40 dollars this game is a steal as you can easily get 20 hours of gameplay out of it. The nostalgia trip of this action packed plat-former is hard to match and I can not wait to see the movie when it comes out in select theaters April 29th.


Beautiful World Design

Witty Dialogue

Fun Weapons and gadgets



Drek is a little flat


Score: 9.0


Jesse Vitelli
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