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For the majority of my life I have felt like a video game salesman to my friends. Having to give them bullet pointed lists of why a certain game is worth their time. Sometimes I succeed and get friends or family to dive deep into worlds that deserve, but its the times that I fail that always bother me. Please Play is a series of articles and maybe videos in where I try and convince my readers of worlds that deserve to be lived in.

Snake Pass by Sumo Digital is a gave that is worth your time. In a moment in history where it seems like every game under the sun is coming out it might be hard to justify this over something like Ni-OH, Persona 5, or Horizon Zero Dawn. Snake Pass is a unique game that does not deserved to be looked over.

In this game you play as a snake named Noodle who is collecting gems to open the gates back up to other worlds. They are seemingly collapsing so with the help of your hummingbird friend Doodle you set off.

In Snake Pass you are in a vibrant world filled with lush green jungles, snowy mountains, and crystal blue waters. Along with an amazing soundtrack done by none other than David Wise(Donkey Kong Country). Snake Pass is a game about the difficult controls of being a snake. Having to slither everywhere to gain momentum, coiling around trees to stay afloat, and climbing great obstacles using your body. It is a game that is easy to play but hard to master.

Each level has a variety of different collectibles to gather if you have the snake physic prowess. While the levels are generally straightforward the optional collectibles are where the challenge kicks in. If you want to enjoy this game with dying on the same tree branch forty times that is totally viable. For those who seek to find themselves experts in controlling this snake than the optional collectibles are where you will find yourself.

While sitting at the $20 price point snake pass is a game that deserves to be praised. It is the perfect game to take a break with from the chaos of games that has been Q1 of 2017.

Snake Pass is available from Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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Jesse Vitelli
Has been playing games since before he could walk. Is a lover of RPG's and indie games. He once beat Luigi's Mansion in one 9 hour sitting and achieved rank A. If you look you can find over 2,000 Halo 3 custom games on his account. You will probably find him logging in hours on Destiny or World of Warcraft.


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