Play NYC Could Mean Big Things For New York’s Gaming Scene

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August 21st and 22nd delivered us a gaming convention, the likes of which New York City has never seen before. Play NYC was New York’s FIRST dedicated gaming convention and my only thought is, what took so long?!

Co-Founder Dan Butchko and his team at Playcrafting did an excellent organizing an event that brought in New York based developers showing off over 100 games. So first and foremost, big thank you to Playcrafting for letting us join them for Play NYC’s debut.

So why is Play NYC so important for gaming?

I think recognition alone is enough to say that an event like this was desperately needed in New York city. New York is a huge media market, housing so many people who want to work on games. These developers finally had an outlet to go and show their game off to people who are coming to the event solely for gaming. Yes, comic-con may have video games but most of the people going to that event aren’t really going for gaming. Play NYC fills a much needed void in this market.

We were able to sit down with the folks from TinMoon Studios, Razbury Games and many more to find out how they felt about the convention. The response from the developers was overwhelmingly positive. Every developer relished in the opportunity to hang out with fans and show off their work.

The other reason why Play NYC is so great is the opportunity for developers to get on the spot critique from players enjoying their game right in front of them. When we sat down with Dan of Playcrafting he mentioned that getting player feedback is crucial in making a game better. Play NYC adds a whole new ingredient to that equation. It can really help bring the games to their peak.

If I had any gripe with the event I would say that not being able to hear was a very minor bummer for me personally. I love the sound in games, particularly the score for a game, so not being able to hear that made me feel like I was missing an important aspect of the game. Again if that’s the only thing that 1 out of every 10 people would be concerned with I think that the event was a success.

I really look forward to the years to come with Play NYC and hope that Dan and his team can continue to expand as much as possible.

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