Payday 2: The Game That Won’t Die

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Overkill Software and Starbreeze Studios’ Payday 2 first released in 2013. You read that correctly. Payday 2 launched 4 years ago. Very few games still see support after a year but Payday 2 is a game free from the standardized system and is a game that still remains fully supported by both developer and community and is still incredibly popular. Mind you this is not a problem. As a borderline fanatic of the game, it’s a beautiful thing seeing a game this old continue to be loved by all parties, especially considering how the games sequel Payday 3, has already been announced to begin development.

This past week Payday 2 wrapped up with one of the titles yearly events, the spring break event and with it came a decent chunk of new content. The event took place over the course of 10 days, with 5 days seeing a release of papercraft Payday 2 figures.

While the papercraft figures are actually pretty awesome, for a fan the big excitement was in the in game content. As usual with the Payday events this one was an overall success.

Some of the new content was fairly minor (although still were more than welcome additions to the game), like new weapons, masks, a new safe and armor customization and skins. Cool stuff to have but nothing really game changing. The big new features consisted of a new game mode titled Crime Spree, and new AI capabilities.

Crime Spree is a fun new mode starting you in a fairly easy heist with incredibly difficult enemies. Every time you complete a heist you are presented with 3 random heists chosen to partake in next. For each heist you complete you earn points. Once those points hit a certain level (essentially every 10 points, up to 250 points) the game adds a new modifier which make the game more difficult, for instance a modifier may add more enemy medics or bulldozers, increase enemy damage by a certain percentage or nerf or remove your own abilities. In turn the more heists you complete the more difficult the game becomes, but of course the more you complete the higher your potential payoff. The reason I say potential is because if you fail a heist, it’s game over and you have to begin again. You’re obviously free to call it quits after any heist to cash out what you’ve earned but it feels so good going for the end of 250 points. The game mode didn’t change the entire game but it’s insanely fun and addictive, and adds a lot of new entertainment to a game which, for those of us playing from the beginning may have felt a bit stale. This mode isn’t perfect, and in my time playing it I noticed the same maps reappearing in the random selection and certain maps never appearing. I’m sure this will be fixed but it’s still a bit of an annoyance for now.

The new AI capabilities are actually the games biggest change. This new system known as Henchmen now allows you to customize the skills and abilities of your AI team mates. This specific update can actually allow the game to be played without a full crew and yet the player won’t feel entirely helpless anymore. This feature is still in beta and isn’t fully released yet, but it looks to be an absolute game changer and is a feature that has been requested essentially since the game first launched in 2013.

Anyone who has spoken to me about the Payday franchise knows that I actually enjoyed Payday: The Heist much more than Payday 2, for the sole reason that the heists were just more exciting. Over the past few months Overkill has re-released a few of the original Payday  heists in Payday 2 including First World Bank, Counterfeit, Slaughterhouse and Undercover. During spring break Overkill has now brought back Heat Street and Green Bridge, arguably Payday: The Heists most difficult heists. They play just as well as they did in the first title and they look even better and I’m having an absolute blast playing them. I’m sure they’re even more exciting for those who are playing them for the first time now. As if that wasn’t enough Overkill themselves have confirmed that eventually every heist from Payday: The Heist will find it’s way over to Payday 2.

Believe it or not there was actually a lot more of content and news released surrounding the game during the Spring Break event as well. However I am going to pass over it because following the Spring break event Overkill unveiled a huge piece of news at the Nintendo Direct event: Payday 2 is going to be releasing on the Nintendo Switch. This is actually huge news. The game is a perfect fit for the system, and honestly having not been interested in the system prior to this, Payday 2 on the go is incredibly enticing. I’ll be waiting until it launches to see how well it performs but it’s still an amazing announcement.

It’s almost astounding in the world we currently live in that a game released in 2013 would still be receiving support, but Payday 2 is exactly that. Not only does the game still live on with both players and developers but the game continues to add new platforms and new massive changes and reworks to the game on a fairly consistent basis. Payday 2 is a game that seemingly won’t be dying anytime soon and I for one couldn’t be happier.

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