Madden And The Future Of Sports Video Games

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So Madden just came out and like every year people either praise the game or knock it for it’s lack of advancement. As a loyal fan to the franchise I really love this madden and there are definitely differences to this game. In reality it takes Madden a few years to make changes for fresh gameplay. I would say about every three years the game is vastly different.

Courtesy EA
Courtesy EA

So why does it take three years to make noticeable changes in a sports game?

The answer is simple. Money. Money has been a driving factor and is the reason why there are sports games released every year even if the game seems like it is the exact same game from last year. Because of the yearly release schedule, developers have a hard time making changes to their formula. There just isn’t a enough time to make an actual impact.

Can the sports game industry sustain this formula forever?

No chance. I think that gamers are getting wiser. They don’t want to spend $60 just to get updated rosters and slightly better graphics. The issue is that EA and 2K don’t find it worth taking the time to bring major changes to their games every year either. Also if you the developers feel that the gameplay experience is good why make big changes for the sake of change.

Courtesy EA
Courtesy EA

There is a solution…

The solution is simple (at least I find it simple) make one game every three years, and offer paid year to year updates for $30 that includes the updated rosters and whatever small gameplay changes you want to make. I think a fluid game is a much better strategy for a competitive game. It works very well for Destiny and I really believe that if you blow out sports games and make them follow the same concept they can really draw in players without the gamer feeling like they have to buy a new game every year.

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