Friday the 13th: The Game Hype Train

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Everyone’s favorite hockey masked psychopath is jumping into the video game realm with a brand spanking new game called Friday the 13th: The Game. All I gotta say is that I’m pumped and you should be too.

From the trailer alone we see a real classic feel art style and inspiration from the 1980’s counterpart especially at the top of the trailer. The multiplayer is king for this game. It’s going to be a 1v7 matchup of those unsuspecting teenagers just looking for a good time and the brutal machete wielding Jason. Naturally I’ll always be rooting for Jason but I am looking forward to getting into a game because instead of yelling at my screen telling the main characters they are stupid for going to that closet or under the bed, I can make my own mistakes and have my head lopped off.

We all remember what happened when Jason entered the video game fray in Mortal Kombat X. Freaking Epic.

Courtesy NetherRealm Studios
Courtesy NetherRealm Studios

This time around the slasher won’t have to contend with equal competition like MK X but we hope that those camp counselors will have some chance to knock off the crazed killer. This could be a very, realistically so, one sided affair. So here’s hoping to a this game being fun because I have officially got on the hype train.

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