Firewatch Review

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Campo Santo hit their first game out of the park. Firewatch is a story about a man named Henry who is running from his problems and takes a job in forest service. He decides isolation is what he wants. It is a story about emotional instability and the escape nature can provide. The game’s run time is a little over four hours and is packed with dialogue.

From the moment you arrive at your lookout tower and meet Delilah over the radio you understand the importance of relationships. While you explore areas of the park you detail your experience to Delilah who always has something to say. Sometimes the conversations are witty, but can quickly hit a more serious note. As the summer progresses you become closer and talk about why it is you both choose isolation. You learn
about each others past and what it is you both are running from.

It gets to a point where I would pick up the radio to tell Delilah about a tree I saw that creeped me out or a raccoon I saw because I genuinely wanted to tell her. That is where this game really shines. The relationship you build with Delilah isn’t always perfect, but its something you both cherish. While the plot begins to pick up both you and Delilah begin t
o start believing conspiracy theories and begin to get further and further from reality. Which makes the fall back to reality at the end of the summer colder and harder to deal with.

Firewatch is a game about two broken people running from their problems and the game never deviates from that. All the way up until the credits it is about the harshness of reality and having to face your problems. While sometimes that may take a backseat to the stunning red and yellow pallets, or the exceptionally witty dialogue.image

The ending may seem anti-climatic to some people, but it fits the story. Not everything that happens has something larger at play, sometimes events just happen and the truth is no matter how far you run from your problems they will always still be there right in front of you.


Great Dialogue

Stunning Visuals


Short Gameplay

Score 9.5/10

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