E3 2017 Press Conference Microsoft Predictions

What does Microsoft have to bring to its E3 2017 Press Conference this year?

Will Project Scorpio be everything they promised and more? Or will a hardware announcement fall flat during the press conference?

We predict all sorts of video games from the once great Microsoft.
They have brought some of the greats like Halo, Gears of War, Sunset Overdrive, and Crackdown to us in the past.

However Microsoft has been slowing down every year with no new Franchises to help them out. Will they Blow us away this E3? we are here to try and find that out.

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Jesse Vitelli
Has been playing games since before he could walk. Is a lover of RPG's and indie games. He once beat Luigi's Mansion in one 9 hour sitting and achieved rank A. If you look you can find over 2,000 Halo 3 custom games on his account. You will probably find him logging in hours on Destiny or World of Warcraft.


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