Did Sony forever change the format of future E3 Press Conferences?

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Last night anyone watching the Sony press conference at E3 witnessed an entirely new way for companies to handle their conferences. While I am still riding the high from yesterday’s shows I will have a more content focused article later in the week, but for now I wanted to highlight an important part of what pushed Sony over the top last night.

It wasn’t about the executives at sony,the developers talking at you, or showing sales numbers. It was about you, the consumer, and the things you want most, games. Sony Opened with a phenomenal live orchestra to live score almost then entire conference. They rolled from one game to the next with little to no breaks in between. Shawn Layden only spent a few minutes total on the stage last night and it was the perfect amount.

VR is a hard thing to show especially to people who have never experienced it before. Sony came out swinging with Star Wars, Batman, and Final Fantasy for VR. While we may not know the extent of these titles or how extensive they may be, it was still the perfect way to sell people on VR.

After announcing multiple new IP’s Sony did not show live gameplay until the very end of the conference. This was extremely important because it helped supplement their game Days Gone which left many people wondering what that game may even entailed.

So the question is, will Microsoft and others follow Sony into the less talk, more action press conference format? I sure hope so, because Sony left me and everyone else with their jaw on the floor last night.


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