Deliver us the Moon Preview

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Deliver us the moon is a game being developed by the young dutch indie company known as Keoken interactive and published by Starbreeze Studios. The game itself is set in the near future and resources are extremely limited. As you can imagine that leaves Earth in jeopardy and it is up you the player to go on a super secret space mission to help save humanity.

At Pax East 2017 I got to get a hands on play session of this game, and the small slice I played has me wanting more. Being an astronaut in space is nothing new to video games, however there is something about this game that balances the feeling of tranquility and uneasiness. The demo opens with your character on a monorail going to a nearby station on the moon. You look out the windows of the monorail to see the crater in all of its glory. This is the part of the demo where I felt peaceful and cozy.

As you exit the monorail at the station and walk around, there is a sense of eeriness that you can’t help shake. Maybe it’s the sight of what looks to be an abandoned station, or the sheer silence that surrounds you in every room. As I made my way through each room. I found myself asking a lot of questions. Why am I here? Who am I? Is there anyone else?

Eventually you make it to a hangar and are given a land rover to drive around the crater in. While it gave me a wider area to play around in ,I found it very difficult to control the rover. Little rocks would send me flying, and it didn’t exactly turn the way I needed it to. This being said, the game is still in pre-alpha so I am certain things like this are already being ironed out. After finding a tractor beam that needed to be re aligned I found myself lost as to where to go next. It important to say the rover couldn’t leave the crater due to steep walls so I eventually headed back inside.

It was this moment that this game grabbed my full attention. Only about a minute of re entering the station I hit a button to continue my journey, and then suddenly an air lock flew up and I was sucked out of the station. Before I could even look around the game faded to a black screen with the words “Thanks for Playing”. I was left needing to know, am I not alone? Was I sabotaged? Maybe my character was just careless. These are the questions I look forward to exploring in the full game.

Jesse Vitelli
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