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Clustertruck is the game I never would have expected to have wanted. Conceptually the game is just plain strange and completely out there. Run along the tops of trucks, hopping from truck to truck until you reach the end point or fall off and die. Of course the game has some more depth then that packed in with score tracking, speed bonuses and upgrades like a higher jump or glide, but for the most part that is Clustertruck in a nut shell. If that doesn’t sound too exciting or fun, you’d be surprised to hear that Clustertruck is actually one of the most entertaining games I’ve played in a very long time.

So let’s first get a few things out of the way: Graphically Clustertruck is far from stunning. Though the game does look nice, everything is rather blocky with very minimal texture work. In practically any other game this would be a big problem, but in Clustertruck it just works. You’ll find yourself so involved in the game the the sharp colors will be more than enough for you and actual details would only add unnecessary distractions to the game.

Clustertruck game

There aren’t many sound effects actually present in Clustertruck outside of the in game music. Again in most other games this would be a big no-no but in Clustertruck the music is so fantastic, it’s all I want to hear while playing. The tracks loop flawlessly and are absolutely incredible. The music which is fast and upbeat, kept me going and helped keep my head deep within the game while running the same level over and over again until I complete it. Though it should be noted that as of so far I do wish there were more songs. I’ve loved what I’ve heard so far but the number of tracks is unfortunately not as large as I’d have hoped for.

As for the actual game Clustertruck has two main modes of play: Campaigns and Custom Maps. Campaigns drops you into the levels created by Landfall Games. There are a total of 9 campaigns each containing 10 levels, generally starting out with basic obstacles, adding more depth and complexity each new level. Clustertruck has a packed in map editor and has full support for Steam Workshop which is what operates Custom Maps.  Whether you want to build your own using the editor or play one of the 253 custom created maps (as of this writing) from the Steam Workshop, you’re set to go from your first launch of the game.

What really makes Clustertruck fun is how absolutely addicting it is. The likelihood of successfully completing a level on your first attempt is minimal at best. For each level you’ll play through learning the map, and what kinds of chaos the trucks can find themselves in throughout helping you to plan out your execution. Of course trucks can change exactly how they plan on driving so it never goes as smoothly as you’d like. Luckily when you die pressing any key restarts the level, or pressing the R key at any time also restarts your level, making retrying the same level a large number of times so pain free and seamless it’s stunning. The controls are near perfect in their responsiveness which helps prevent from the feeling of unfair deaths. Additionally upon completion of a level you can see where on a worldwide scoreboard you fell, or you can compare yourself to your friends positions adding a slightly more competitive feeling to the game.

Put simply Clustertruck isn’t an overly complex game. It is however an incredibly fun way to kill time alone or with friends. It’s not the kind of game I often find myself playing, but it is one that I’m currently playing and currently loving.

I’d give ClusterTruck a 4 out of 5.

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