Cloud joins Super Smash Bros.

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That’s right people! The amazing and incredible Cloud Strife is joining Super Smash Bros. U and if you watched the video you know that it’s going to be amazing.

From the looks of the video Cloud is going to be a variational type fighter very similar to Shulk. What’s seems to be fresh about Cloud is that his variations are based on different elemental types moves as opposed to variations based on strength, speed, etc. This is important because Smash has avoided just a simple re-skin of Shulk.

From the looks of it Cloud is going to be very strong and very fast. But he loses a bit when it comes to jumping because his double jump does not cover a lot of distance nor does it get much height. Also his Up B appears to go straight with a little bit of a drift to the direction you are pointed in but not that much to cover if you are far from the ledge. Cloud looks like he will dominate ground warfare and be a real match of strength to Little Mac.

Cloud’s Final Smash moves also looks like he is going to have a wide range of choices mostly having to do with summons from his classic game. I like the idea of having options for the Final Smash just because, when you play as Mario the twin dragon fire balls lose their flare after the 100th time of shooting it out. It also looks like Cloud will either have a move similar to Ike’s “Great Ether” final smash or Cloud can copycat Final Smash moves and use them against the opponent he targets. Both are very cool additions into what looks like a wide range of skills that Cloud is going to have.

What is interesting with Cloud is that it does not appear that he will have a counter attack. It seemed like this smash focused a lot on the counter attack since it provided a lot of characters with the maneuver so it’s curious to not give Cloud a counter. Maybe it wasn’t showcased in the video but it would definitely change the way you have to play with a swordsman.

This is for you competitive Smash types out there. Cloud appears to have an excellent spike move. His spike gives a big chunk of damage and also allows you to bounce your opponent pretty high off the level as well. Cloud can string a lot of combos together and put a large percentage up quickly once you master his sequence.

Also good on Super Smash to add Cloud’s Advent Children skin, I mean a purple jumpsuit is cool and all but Advent Children Cloud is a badass.

Courtesy Nintendo and Square Enix
Courtesy Nintendo and Square Enix


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