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Xbox One Game Reviews

Red Dead Redemption 2

Share This: After a few days of teases, Rockstar finally revealed their new trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2. While the trailer it’s self was only a minute and eight seconds, it showed off quite a bit. Red Dead came out of the gates in this trailer with gorgeous environments and really showed off the power of next gen. From the small critters, to the beautiful skyboxes RDR2 looks to… Read Article →

Overwatch: Halloween Update

Share This: This past Tuesday October, 11th, 2016 Overwatch put out its Halloween update. The event is titled Halloween Terror. It runs from October 11th to November 1st and includes a number of new things. First and most obvious is the new brawl Junkensteins Revenge. This brawl has Soldier, Hanzo, Ana, and McCree pit against the AI known as zomboids. This is the first time Overwatch has introduced a PvE… Read Article →

Tom Clancy’s The Division Review.

Share This: The Division has come a long way from its first appearance at E3 in 2013. After completing the main story line and hitting the level cap of 30 I have had many opinions on my journey. So lets get into what makes The Division an excellent pick up. As I entered Brooklyn and went through an interesting take on a classic “Tutorial” area I was immediately engaged in… Read Article →

The Division Beta First Impressions

Share This: After participating in both the closed and open beta for Ubisoft’s upcoming game The Division I can this is a first day pickup for me. I have been anxiously awaiting this game since its first announcement back at E3 2013. The game looked like everything a next generation game should include. It had online co-op, intense gunfights, and a beautiful open-world NYC. After the rocky launch of Destiny… Read Article →

Der Eisendrache: Review

Share This: So it’s been quite a while since Gamerations’ last post but we are trying to re-work how we get you guys content and we want to deliver the best stuff possible so that you guys can enjoy everything. Without further adieu, Zombies:   I’m sure at this point you’ve seen this trailer and probably already played the Zombies map but if my opinion means anything, I have to… Read Article →

Review: Star Wars Battlefront

Share This: I hate to say it but I was very hyped up for Star Wars: Battlefront. I hate to say that because generally when I get all hyped up about games they end up being a huge disappointment. I’m happy to say that while Battlefront is by no means a perfect game, it has certainly done its job at filling me with joy and happiness and a whole lot… Read Article →

Black Ops 3 Multiplayer Review.

Share This: Call of Duty Black Ops 3 is the latest installment in the long running franchise. Treyarch is known for its well-balanced multiplayer in the Black Ops series and this installment does not disappoint. So let’s dive right into what makes this year’s multiplayer so great. The first thing people look at when playing a game of multiplayer is the complexity and detail of the map. All of Black… Read Article →

Review: Call Of Duty: Black Ops III – Story

Share This: Call Of Duty: Black Ops III is the latest title in Activision’s long running and Call Of Duty franchise. This latest installment has been developed by developer Treyarch and is the first game in the series to be released having had 3 years of development. That extra year allowed the team to really expand the game in new ways, though I don’t think that those changes worked out… Read Article →

Call of Duty: Shadows of Evil review

Share This: Here is a review to Call of Duty’s Shadows of Evil map Treyarch’s Call of Duty Black Ops 3 has delivered us a zombies map for the record books. The appropriately titled shadows of evil level is everything a zombie veteran can ask for. This zombies follows the story of Jack Vincent, a crooked detective, Jessica Rose, a femme fatale/hooker, Floyd Campbell, a down and out boxer willing… Read Article →

Reinventing Rhythm: Why Guitar Hero Live is better than Rock Band 4

Share This: Over the course of the past month we’ve seen two deeply beloved franchises make their return to consoles after 5 long years away. Of course I’m talking about Rock Band 4 as well as Guitar Hero Live. Guitar Hero was the game that truly started the music centered rhythm game genre as we know it today. Rock Band came out a few short years later evolving everything that… Read Article →