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Ratchet and Clank Review

Share This: I have been playing the Ratchet and Clank series for as long as I can remember. These were the game that kept me entertained for hours as a kid. The beautifully colored worlds, The simple mechanics, and the awesome weaponry had me sitting at the tv for hours. I fell off the Ratchet and Clank train when I switched over the Xbox 360 and had been longing for… Read Article →

Tom Clancy’s The Division Review.

Share This: The Division has come a long way from its first appearance at E3 in 2013. After completing the main story line and hitting the level cap of 30 I have had many opinions on my journey. So lets get into what makes The Division an excellent pick up. As I entered Brooklyn and went through an interesting take on a classic “Tutorial” area I was immediately engaged in… Read Article →

Our Top 5 Pokemon Games

Share This: With the recent announcement of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon this past Friday, and the 20th anniversary celebration we here at Gamerations decided to revisit our favorite games of the franchise. 5. Pokemon Ruby Pokemon Ruby came out in 2002 and was the first Pokemon game for the Gameboy Advance. While it has recently been remastered for the 3DS and took on the name Omega Ruby there is… Read Article →


Share This: In 2013 the internet was graced with a small prototype FPS called SUPERHOT and it quickly took the web by storm. Many people played through the prototype and found it to be a totally original take on the first person shooter genre, thus wanting more. Fast forward to today, February 26th 2016, the day that we get the full version of SUPERHOT. In short it’s a much longer… Read Article →

The Division Beta First Impressions

Share This: After participating in both the closed and open beta for Ubisoft’s upcoming game The Division I can this is a first day pickup for me. I have been anxiously awaiting this game since its first announcement back at E3 2013. The game looked like everything a next generation game should include. It had online co-op, intense gunfights, and a beautiful open-world NYC. After the rocky launch of Destiny… Read Article →

Firewatch Review

Share This: Campo Santo hit their first game out of the park. Firewatch is a story about a man named Henry who is running from his problems and takes a job in forest service. He decides isolation is what he wants. It is a story about emotional instability and the escape nature can provide. The game’s run time is a little over four hours and is packed with dialogue. From… Read Article →

Der Eisendrache: Review

Share This: So it’s been quite a while since Gamerations’ last post but we are trying to re-work how we get you guys content and we want to deliver the best stuff possible so that you guys can enjoy everything. Without further adieu, Zombies:   I’m sure at this point you’ve seen this trailer and probably already played the Zombies map but if my opinion means anything, I have to… Read Article →

Review: Earth Defense Force 4.1 & Earth Defense Force 2

Share This: The Earth Defense Force series is known for many things. Some of the most destructible environments, giant insects, robots and other beings trying to take over Earth, hilarious dialog, unique classes and a vast array of weapons all fall into this list helping to make the EDF series one of the most unique and interesting franchises in gaming. Here in America we’ve only received three EDF titles until… Read Article →

Review: Chivalry: Medieval Warfare (PS4)

Share This: Recently Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, an online multiplayer FPS using swords and maces, launched for current gen consoles. Activision helped developer Torn Banner to bring their very successful and very fun Steam title over to consoles, but unfortunately this new version really misses the mark. It should be noted that my experiences have been on the PS4 version. We have not tested the Xbox One version. I enjoyed the… Read Article →

Review: Minecraft Story Mode

Share This: So during the Black Friday PlayStation sale I picked up the season pass for Minecraft Story mode. Being a Minecraft veteran I was surprised at myself for waiting so long to pick it up. I am very happy to say that Minecraft Story mode delivered on everything I hoped it would. Lets start with episode one. You are given a little backstory in a world known so well… Read Article →