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Breaking Down Trailer Breakdowns

Share This: In film production, everything that appears onscreen is referred to as mise-en-scène. This includes the lighting of a scene, the composition of the shot, and the character’s appearance. Essentially, everything the viewer sees has been meticulously thought out by the production crew. Nothing is there by accident. So, when it comes time for a new game or console announcement, or both like just this past week, the community… Read Article →

Payday 2 Concludes It’s Huge Yearly Update

Share This: Overkill Software released Payday 2, their hit co-op first person shooter  in 2013. It’s rare for games in said genre to continue being supported 3 years later but Overkill has continued to release new content for the game at a consistent pace. Each year Overkill hosts a 10 day event, previously known as Crimefest, in which each day brings a new update or expansion to the games players… Read Article →

The Best Reactions To Rockstar Teasing Red Dead (UPDATED)

Share This: So Rockstar pretty much made everyone freak out when they tweeted this on Sunday: — Rockstar Games (@RockstarGames) October 16, 2016   And then this happened: — Rockstar Games (@RockstarGames) October 17, 2016 So Rockstar pretty much made everyone get super hyped for Red Dead. It’s a little Magnificent Seven Westworld type of feel we are looking at with the second image and I… Read Article →

Lets Play Live is the Pro Wrestling of eSports

Share This: Stand up. Rapping. Improv. Wrestling. Animation. Sketch comedy. All at one event. Oh yeah, and some video games too. Lets Play Live in a nutshell. This past Saturday, New York’s Hammerstein Ballroom was home to Rooster Teeth’s finest gamers, putting on an energetic and unique live experience. Headlining the event were Achievement Hunter, Funhaus and Cow Chop. All of them playing games that fans know as staples of… Read Article →

Luke Cage and The Lack of Marvel Gaming

Share This: Marvel just released their third solo superhero series on Netflix on last Friday and I wanted to take a look at why there seems to be a lack of Marvel video games. Luke Cage Let’s start with the hot topic, Luke Cage. I think the series was an incredible installment in the Marvel universe. From the music to the script to the fact that Harlem was a living… Read Article →

Will GameStop be the Next Blockbuster?

Share This: As a kid, I loved going to Blockbuster. Wandering the aisles looking for a new movie or game to rent and enjoy over the weekend. Blockbuster was responsible for some of my earliest gaming memories, back in the day of Nintendo 64 and GameBoy Color. It also provided a much cheaper alternative to buying games from Best Boy or Toys R Us. But, due to the rising popularity… Read Article →

Destiny: A Look Back.

Share This: This past year for Destiny has had its highest highs, and its lowest lows. Since is release in 2014 Destiny has gone through significant changes and taken on many different forms. With the release of The Taken King a year ago, Destiny had changed for the better. The Taken King had introduced a slew of new features that changed the way the game played. Lets take a look… Read Article →

The Playstation 4 Pro

The Playstation Meeting was a disaster

Share This: Two days ago Sony hosted the Playstation Meeting at New York City’s Playstation Theater, their time to officially unveil the Playstation 4 Slim and Playstation 4 ‘Neo’ to the world. Unfortunately for Sony it has ended up as a complete disaster. While it hasn’t had any direct impact yet, I believe that if this is the future that Sony has planned for this generation they’re now at a… Read Article →

Madden And The Future Of Sports Video Games

Share This: So Madden just came out and like every year people either praise the game or knock it for it’s lack of advancement. As a loyal fan to the franchise I really love this madden and there are definitely differences to this game. In reality it takes Madden a few years to make changes for fresh gameplay. I would say about every three years the game is vastly different…. Read Article →

More games should be based in London

Share This: If you have happened to listen to the past few episodes of our weekly podcast Digital Download (if you haven’t you should) you know that last week I took a holiday trip across the globe to Europe and more specifically to London, England. I had an amazing time there and quickly fell in love with the city. Upon my return to the states I wanted to return to… Read Article →