Call of Duty: Shadows of Evil review

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Here is a review to Call of Duty’s Shadows of Evil map

Courtesy Activision

Treyarch’s Call of Duty Black Ops 3 has delivered us a zombies map for the record books. The appropriately titled shadows of evil level is everything a zombie veteran can ask for.

This zombies follows the story of Jack Vincent, a crooked detective, Jessica Rose, a femme fatale/hooker, Floyd Campbell, a down and out boxer willing to fix a fight for a payday, and Nero Blackstone, a magician who lost everything because of his gambling wife. These characters are the “marked ones” by the appropriately labeled “shadow man”. The shadow man talks to the characters as you play through this map. The celebrity voice cast follows suit with the george a romero zombies dlc from Black Ops 2, this year we have Jeff Goldblum(Nero), Heather Graham, (Jessica), Ron Perlman(Floyd) and Neal McDonough(Jack).

Courtesy Activision
Courtesy Activision

Shadows of Evil is easily the most complicated one to date only to be rivaled by Origins from Blops 2. This is where I am so far, I have figured out to pack a punch my guns and I know that there are symbols on the ground throughout each district that are tied to my next step plus there are a collection of squid statues I have no idea what to do with yet. My best guess has to do with either killing zombies or the bees near the squid in order to make them do something. But like I said I am kind of at a loss for what I need to do next.

Courtesy Activision

My top three parts of this new zombies are 1.) the setting, 2.) the Margwa, and 3.) the gobblegum. The setting is fictional Morg city which draws a lot of comparison to New Orleans. I really like how big the map is and how much space I have to run around trying to figure everything out while bobbing and weaving through hordes of zombies. Next favorite part, The Margwa, seen in the picture above, is one really cool boss and can be a pain in the ass, in a good way. The Margwa has three heads, one head opens up at a time and glows yellow. Shooting the glowing Margwa head is the only way to kill this behemoth. Also the Margwa shows up every three or four rounds. I haven’t seen a consistent number for it’s appearance yet. Now onto the gobble gum. The gobblegum, or temporary perks, are only 500 points and can really help you out of trouble when you need it. The gum can be purchased at any gumball machine throughout the level. My favorite gobblegum piece so far is “Anywhere but here” piece. This is a rare piece and it allows you to teleport to a random point on the map. It’s essentially allows to you to escape a stairway full of zombies in an instant.

Shadows of Evil gets a 10/10 from me.

I am very excited for what is to come in the next zombies installment. I hope we can follow this cast of characters through to the end but I have a feeling that Shadows of Evil has an end just like origins did.

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  1. Hell yea bro, but i think it deserves a 7/10 but its ii my dude thanks I agree, for the goofs and gaffs my dude yeah thanks bro.

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