Black Ops 3 Multiplayer Review.

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Call of Duty Black Ops 3 is the latest installment in the long running franchise. Treyarch is known for its well-balanced multiplayer in the Black Ops series and this installment does not disappoint. So let’s dive right into what makes this year’s multiplayer so great.

The first thing people look at when playing a game of multiplayer is the complexity and detail of the map. All of Black Ops 3’s maps are extremely well made with the traditional three-lane structure. This allows for multiple gunfights in all parts of the map and limits the ability to camp around corners. While people will still have their favorite past time of pitching a tent in a corner with a shotgun, they will find it harder to do so with these map structures. The variety of maps will take you from the Redwood forests to something less familiar like a snow filled stronghold, or even to the fan favorite Nuk3town. All of the maps seem to be well designed for all game modes, especially for Search and Destroy, which is extremely popular in the competitive Call of Duty community. codbo301

Call of Duty is no stranger to progression systems and Black Ops 3 helps further refine and streamline this process. You play your match, complete challenges, and are granted experience for doing so. In which case you then proceed to level from 1-55. It is once you hit 55 that Call of Duty has redefined the experience. Veteran Call of Duty players are no strangers to the idea of “Prestige”, but for the readers who are not so familiar I will explain. “Prestiging” is the idea of going back to level 1 and re-locking all of your previously unlocked weapons, perks, and equipment, but this time you are given a new emblem to show the world your new feat. Every time you prestige you are granted another new emblem to show how many times you have accomplished this. In Black Ops 3 you are able to do this ten times before hitting the highest rank in the game.

Black Ops 3 multiplayer of course has its unique standouts from other games in the franchise. For instance the most obvious stand out would be the Specialist classes. When you load up the game you are immediately prompted to choose one of the few starting specialists, each with their own unique abilities. They range from gravity spikes that shock the ground decimating your enemies in an area of effect to a precise exploding bow and arrow. You have the ability to unlock new and exciting specialist as you rank up throughout your Black Ops experience. Each specialist has a list of challenges to complete with them to unlock new personalization options for your character. The specialists add enough variety to the matches without taking anything away from your experience as a player. Every specialist has an offensive and defensive ability to suit all styles of play. No specialist complete overpowers another, and every specialist has a weakness.Black-Ops-3_Specialist-Ruin

Black Ops 3 has a large assortment of firepower to keep you trying out new weapons for a long time. While I’ve noticed over the years secondary weapons seem to dwindle every new installment, the primary weapons are not in short supply. I have noticed that the weapon balancing in this installment seems to be significantly better than the past couple of Call of Duty’s. While some minor tweaking may need to be done to some of the LMG’s, nothing major needs to be done. Every gun fits its appropriate niche. Assault rifles are great for mid-long range engagements, Sub machine guns are great for spray and pray, and shotguns are unstoppable close range monsters.

If you are a fan of gun camos then you are in luck, because Black Ops 3 has a large assortment of them. The first batch is gained from your total headshot count with that weapon. After gaining 100 headshots you are given a new list of camo challenges to unlock by completing certain feats with that weapon. This will lead to you unlocking the infamous gold and diamond camo for the weapon. On top of the multiplayer camos you can unlock camos from campaign and even zombies by using that weapon in both of those game modes. There is also one final way to get camos and that is the black market. The Black Market is a new area of Call of Duty in which players trade in the new currency called Cryptokeys to unlock supply drops. These supply drops have the chance of dropping camos, calling cards, or even gestures for your specialist to do in the winning circle after a match.

The level of customization you are given in Black Ops is unparalleled to other installments in the franchise. You can customize your game emblem, your calling card, and you can even make your own camos in the paint shop. It is rumored that after you reach Master Prestige you are even able to customize to look of your own prestige emblem! Black ops 3 have introduced what they call the gunsmith. This allows you to create a variant of any weapon in the game. While this has no real effect on gameplay, it allows you to play around to see how cool you can make your favorite gun look without the restrictions of create a class


This is my favorite Call of Duty in the past couple of years and I cannot put it down. This review is late, because in all of my free time between work and school I have been using it to play this game. I am looking forward to the first double xp weekend so I can further the gap in level between my friends and I.

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Multiplayer: 9.0/10


Stunning Visuals and Map Design

Weapon Balancing

Specialist Classes

Customization options



Leveling feels slow.

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