Battlefield 1. First Impressions

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I decided to pick up Battlefield 1 this past week. This is my first battlefield since the days of Bad Company 2. With all of these futuristic shooters coming out in the past few years, it was extremely refreshing to dial things all the way back to World War 1. I have only had a handful of hours on the game so i do not feel comfortable doing a full review, but I will share my experiences with the first few hours.

The game opens up with the first campaign mission. This is where the game intrigued me in a way I did not expect. When my character died his name came up on the screen with his birth and death date. I immediately began to play as a different character in the same battle, and when i inevitably died with him, the same thing happened.

We tend to be desensitized to war in video games, becasue were always focused on the objective, and racking up tons of kills with the biggest and baddest weapons we can find. Battlefield 1 flips the script in this sense, by putting the emphasis on the brutality and lack of humanity of World War 1.

The campaign is not one linear story with a main protagonist, but instead focuses on 6 intimate war stories of World War 1. You can play these stories in which ever order you like, and each tell a separate and unique story highlighting the fears, aspirations, and motives that drive the soldiers of World War 1.


The multiplayer in Battlefield 1 is another refreshing aspect of the war shooter genre. It is still classic Battlefield with destructible environments, massive multiplayer combat, and vehicles. However the World War 1 setting yet again, lends to enough to of a change up that it feels entirely new and not stale

The gunplay feels natural, and how I imagine the weaponry of World War 1 to feel and look. Whether you are in a land ship, co piloting a bomber, or even horse back you can really immerse yourself in the beautifully crafted environments. One map I was playing had a sandstorm that completely engulfed the map to the point where players could not see more than 5 feet in front of them, providing for real tense moments.

The few hours I have put into Battlefield have really impressed me, and I will provide more coverage as I sink more hours in. The World War 1 setting helps further establish Battlefield apart from its competitors and have high hopes for the rest of it.

Jesse Vitelli
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