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Michael Rosenberg is the creator of Gamerations and is a life time gamer. Creating the site off the idea that all generations of gaming deserve equal coverage and equal love you'll find him frequently playing all genre's of games across numerous platforms. That said currently if he's not on his PS4 or his PC you'll find him in the background playing his Vita.

Payday 2: The Game That Won’t Die

Share This: Overkill Software and Starbreeze Studios’ Payday 2 first released in 2013. You read that correctly. Payday 2 launched 4 years ago. Very few games still see support after a year but Payday 2 is a game free from the standardized system and is a game that still remains fully supported by both developer and community and is still incredibly popular. Mind you this is not a problem. As… Read Article →

Limited Run Games

The Silver Case PC – The Unboxening

Share This: Yes I know, I know. Mike you’ve already opened one box today! That massive Horizon: Zero Dawn collector’s edition you ordered! What’s the matter, do you have a shopping problem? Well dear readers, apparently I do because in addition to Horizon I also received my physical PC copy of The Silver Case – the limited edition pressing of the remake of the very first game from the geniuses… Read Article →

Payday 2 Concludes It’s Huge Yearly Update

Share This: Overkill Software released Payday 2, their hit co-op first person shooter  in 2013. It’s rare for games in said genre to continue being supported 3 years later but Overkill has continued to release new content for the game at a consistent pace. Each year Overkill hosts a 10 day event, previously known as Crimefest, in which each day brings a new update or expansion to the games players… Read Article →


Share This: Clustertruck is the game I never would have expected to have wanted. Conceptually the game is just plain strange and completely out there. Run along the tops of trucks, hopping from truck to truck until you reach the end point or fall off and die. Of course the game has some more depth then that packed in with score tracking, speed bonuses and upgrades like a higher jump… Read Article →

First Impressions with Paladins

Share This: I was introduced to Paladins on last weeks episode of Digital Download, our weekly gaming podcast. In short Paladins is a hero based shooter from developer Hi-Rez Studios, the team that made games like Global Agenda and more recently the moba Smite. From various internet videos and discussion boards the game seemed to be almost a clone of Blizzard’s Overwatch, and in some ways – particularly in how… Read Article →

The Playstation 4 Pro

The Playstation Meeting was a disaster

Share This: Two days ago Sony hosted the Playstation Meeting at New York City’s Playstation Theater, their time to officially unveil the Playstation 4 Slim and Playstation 4 ‘Neo’ to the world. Unfortunately for Sony it has ended up as a complete disaster. While it hasn’t had any direct impact yet, I believe that if this is the future that Sony has planned for this generation they’re now at a… Read Article →

More games should be based in London

Share This: If you have happened to listen to the past few episodes of our weekly podcast Digital Download (if you haven’t you should) you know that last week I took a holiday trip across the globe to Europe and more specifically to London, England. I had an amazing time there and quickly fell in love with the city. Upon my return to the states I wanted to return to… Read Article →

Review: Headlander

Share This: When I first heard that their was a new game out by indie mega developer Double Fine which was also published by Adult Swim games I got incredibly excited. Having developed so many games that I’ve absolutely loved; Psychonauts, Brutal Legend and Stacking just to name a few. I was pumped to see what the studio had come up with this time. In concept Headlander should have been… Read Article →