5 reasons why we are stoked Final Fantasy XV

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So Final Fantasy XV has gotten a release and for now we believe this one to be the real deal. Mark it in your calendars because September 30th, 2016 seems to be the day and here’s why we think it’s a great thing.

1. The obvious reason: 

We will finally be able to get our hands on the game that has been in development for longer than most can even remember. The title was originally Final Fantasy Versus but has since changed to Final Fantasy XV. So now that the there is a countdown to the release we are stoked to actually be able to get involved with a Final Fantasy game. The beta was really awesome and if that is a taste of what’s to come then we are heading towards what could be the best game of this generation (Sorry Uncharted 4).

2. Square Enix revival

It’s no secret that Square Enix has not been doing great in the world of video games. Their sales numbers have been down and that’s mostly due to taking so damned long to release games for people to play. To be fair, most of Square Enix games are instant classic so I’d prefer they take their time in the making the game but it is brutal sitting around waiting for a game and every year seeing a new game play video of the game and how great the game will be but ending each conference with “Release Date: TBD”. I think that with Final Fantasy XV the company can get a huge boost that it needs to come back to life in the eyes of many gamers. I feel like fans the community has forgotten about Square Enix (just a bit) which is why when this game does come out, it will be a Phoenix Down of sorts.

3. We learn what the deal with Noctis is

Noctis is the Prince of Luctis who was born with power and he is the protector of his land and people. So what is the real deal with him. Who is he really fighting for? What is the extent of his power? Will he unknowingly betray his people for some hierarchy? Is there another force at play here that is guiding Noctis? These are all questions that we want answered and with Final Fantasy XV coming out and all, we will finally get those answers. Plus I want more time with that badass sword which leads me to…

4. The Battle System

The gameplay is intriguing. Most people say use that word when they think something stinks but I think the gameplay for Final Fantasy XV looks really cool. I like the the that everything flows smoothly. The action RPG is unchartered territory for a Final Fantasy game so the other concern is how will they keep the fighting fresh enough that you don’t feel like every battle you get into a mash fest. Since the game is most likely going to be very long and very involved, keeping the fighting fresh will be one of the most important things this game can do. I am concerned that after 20 hours of gameplay I am just hitting the same combo for every enemy because I don’t have to think about it. That is key and if they keep the fighting interesting throughout the whole game then the game will be phenomenal, naturally.

5. Final Fantasy VII

If Final Fantasy XV does really well then the next logical step is amp up production for the proposed Final Fantasy VII remake for next gen. Final Fantasy VII is regarded as one of the best games ever made and if there is even a slight chance that this game can be made it will rest on the shoulders of Final Fantasy XV’s success in the market. If XV succeeds then VII comes to life. It’s that simple.

Hope you enjoy and make sure you grab your copy of Final Fantasy XV on September 30th *fingers crossed*.

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