Digital Download Ep. 34 Snitches don’t get Stitches

On this episode of Digital download the members of Gamerations talk about some interesting stories. They discuss the latest PewDiePie scandal, what happened to boss fights, and even take a trip down memory lane with some GameCube classics. So join them for episode 34 and if you have anything you would like to ask or share, be sure to leave them in the comments below.  


Digital Download Ep. 33 Braving the Storm

On this week;s episode of Digital Download we discuss some games we can’t get enough of, like NiOh and For Honor. As well as the reveal of a Castlevania TV series coming to Netflix, and E3 being open to the public for the first time ever.  


Digital Download Ep. 31 Masochists are Real

On this episode of Digital Download we discuss Resident Evil 7, Ark Survival Evolved, and even the new Crystal Dynamics Avengers game that was announced. Things even get weirdly political with a potential new tariff on imported goods. Could this effect the video game industry in big ways? We discuss.


Digital Download Ep. 30 Switching it Up

On this episode of Digital Download the panel discusses the cancellation of Scalebound, and where that leaves Microsoft. We dive deep into the presentation of the Nintendo Switch and our thoughts on the games surrounding its launch.


Digital Download Ep.29 How I Spent my Holiday Break

We’re back in 2017! On the first episode of 2017 we discuss what we’ve been playing over our short recess, as well as what we are looking forward to in the upcoming year! Some minor Rogue One Spoilers so beware!  So check us out, share with a friend, family, enemy. Even join our our discord channel   


Digital Download Ep. 27 2016: A Look Back

This Week a new challenger approaches long time friend John Dunne. He helps us look back at some of the highs and lows of 2016 in gaming. We talk everything games and hardware related. Some of the biggest flops, and some surprise games we never expected to resonate with us. So join us for our wrap up of 2016. @TheGamerations @JesseVitelli @DanBerlin @Miker525


Super Mario Run…For The Hills

Share This: Nintendo has released it’s next effort into mobile gaming with Super Mario Run and this gamer is not too thrilled with the result. It’s certainly a step forward for Nintendo to make an attempt at dominating the mobile market by release games such as Super Mario Run and Pokemon Go. The problem is that these games are praying on nostalgia driven fans, who will throw money at anything… Read Article →