Titanfall 2 Wants You To Play Smarter

Share This: I have a confession to make, I’m not very good at first-person shooters. In fact, I’m mostly terrible at them. That being said, I love playing them. Some of my best gaming memories come from sleep overs as a kid playing 007 Nightfire, Halo LAN parties, countless hours in Modern Warfare 2, and more recently in the hyper-competitive Overwatch. So when I heard that the upcoming Titanfall 2… Read Article →

Assassin's Creed's london

More games should be based in London

Share This: If you have happened to listen to the past few episodes of our weekly podcast Digital Download (if you haven’t you should) you know that last week I took a holiday trip across the globe to Europe and more specifically to London, England. I had an amazing time there and quickly fell in love with the city. Upon my return to the states I wanted to return to… Read Article →

The Digital Download Podcast!

Digital Download Ep. 11 PS4 Slim and potential Vita Leaks?

on this exciting episode of digital Download join us for the second time this week as we dive into the leaked photos and videos of the Playstation slim. We go into detail on the new dualshock controller, the potential new Vita handheld, and PS now coming to PC. Playstation also ups their ps plus subscription price and we get a little heated about it. This episode is one you don’t… Read Article →


Why everyone should stop panicking about Final Fantasy 15 being delayed

Share This: Recently director of Final Fantasy 15 Hajime Tabata released a video explaining why Final Fantasy 15 is going to be delayed until November 29th. This is just months after the game, that seemed to be years in the making, was finally ready for us. Here is Tabata’s video announcement of the delay: Basically this video tells the fans we won’t need some massive day one patch and any… Read Article →

The Digital Download Podcast!

Digital Download Ep. 10 How do you measure a game’s worth?

Welcome Back to our 10th episode of Digital Download. This week we Have Dan Berlin and out good friend Steven Tsai. For our 10th episode we brought everyone an extra half of Digital Download goodness. We talk some news, but we talk about how we value our money for gaming. We even get into some Dungeons and Dragons talk at the end. Thank you everyone for allowing us to continue… Read Article →

Are AAA and Indie Still Enough to Define a Game?

Share This: When we talk about games, we often lump them into one of two basic categories, “AAA” and “indie”, based on a games’ budget. Think of AAA as the gaming equivalent of a blockbuster movie. It’s a spectacle when it’s released and its expected to bring in huge numbers for the publisher. These are games like Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto, games that break out of the… Read Article →


Why are No Man’s Sky and Seinfeld So Similar?

Share This: So we started Hello Games’ epic space-frontier adventure game No Man’s Sky. For those of you that don’t know, No Man’s Sky is a PS4 and PC game that allows you to explore the vastness of space hopping from planet to planet in your journey to the center of the universe. No Man’s Sky and The Seinfeld Discussion Seinfeld is a show about four terrible people going through… Read Article →

The Digital Download Podcast!

Digital Download Ep. 9 Is No Man’s Sky worth the hype?

Welcome back to another episode of Digital Download. I truly love writing these each and every week. On this episode we dive into the thoughts of PS 4.5 and the event Sony has scheduled for September 7th in NYC. We also go into great detail about the new World of Warcraft Expansion and the hype around No Man’s Sky by Hello Games. It really is quite a crazy time to… Read Article →

Headlander Logo

Review: Headlander

Share This: When I first heard that their was a new game out by indie mega developer Double Fine which was also published by Adult Swim games I got incredibly excited. Having developed so many games that I’ve absolutely loved; Psychonauts, Brutal Legend and Stacking just to name a few. I was pumped to see what the studio had come up with this time. In concept Headlander should have been… Read Article →