First Impressions with Paladins

Share This: I was introduced to Paladins on last weeks episode of Digital Download, our weekly gaming podcast. In short Paladins is a hero based shooter from developer Hi-Rez Studios, the team that made games like Global Agenda and more recently the moba Smite. From various internet videos and discussion boards the game seemed to be almost a clone of Blizzard’s Overwatch, and in some ways – particularly in how… Read Article →


Destiny: A Look Ahead at Rise of Iron

Share This: With Rise of Iron almost upon us we thought it would be good to talk about the 5 things have us most excited for the new Destiny’s next expansion 5. The Rise Of Iron Chapter In The Destiny Story I don’t think any would argue that Destiny’s story telling ability has jumped astronomically since the original game was released 2 years ago. Now because of how good The Taken… Read Article →


Destiny: A Look Back.

Share This: This past year for Destiny has had its highest highs, and its lowest lows. Since is release in 2014 Destiny has gone through significant changes and taken on many different forms. With the release of The Taken King a year ago, Destiny had changed for the better. The Taken King had introduced a slew of new features that changed the way the game played. Lets take a look… Read Article →


Rocket League Update: Let’s Get Ready To Rumble

Share This: On Thursday, Psyonix launched the newest update to Rocket League, the massively popular car-based soccer game. While the update offers players a number of smaller tweaks and highly anticipated features, the big headline here is the brand new Rumble game type. Rumble is a variation on the classic Soccar mode, a five-minute 3v3 match, the team that scores the most goals wins. What’s changed is that each player… Read Article →

The Digital Download Podcast!

Digital Download Ep. 13 Is Sony on the Decline?

welcome back to episode 13 of the Digital Download Podcast. This week I am joined by Dan Berlin and Nick Negri as we discuss all things Sony. Will the recent stumble of the Playstation Pro announcement give Microsoft the edge it needed to shift momentum? We go into heavy detail about the way technology affects our lives and how ingrained it has become. The panel also discusses lack of Mod… Read Article →

The Playstation 4 Pro

The Playstation Meeting was a disaster

Share This: Two days ago Sony hosted the Playstation Meeting at New York City’s Playstation Theater, their time to officially unveil the Playstation 4 Slim and Playstation 4 ‘Neo’ to the world. Unfortunately for Sony it has ended up as a complete disaster. While it hasn’t had any direct impact yet, I believe that if this is the future that Sony has planned for this generation they’re now at a… Read Article →

Courtesy EA

Madden And The Future Of Sports Video Games

Share This: So Madden just came out and like every year people either praise the game or knock it for it’s lack of advancement. As a loyal fan to the franchise I really love this madden and there are definitely differences to this game. In reality it takes Madden a few years to make changes for fresh gameplay. I would say about every three years the game is vastly different…. Read Article →


World of Warcraft Legion: Early Impressions.

Share This: This past Tuesday Blizzard released its sixth World of Warcraft expansion Legion. Coming off of Warlords of Draenor Blizzard desperately needed to do something big to win their audience back. I was skeptical to jump back into WoW after what seemed like the worlds longest content drought. World of Warcraft Legion has been nothing but a blast since I started at 3 am Wednesday morning. it is only… Read Article →

The Digital Download Podcast!

Digital Download Ep. 12 Everything Warcraft

On this episode of Digital Download we talk about some gaming news, but the bulk of it is about our experiences with World of Warcraft and it’s new expansion Legion. We have new guests Michael Moskie all the way from California and David Pepe. Two World of Warcraft veterans who give insight on how Warcraft has changed over the years. It gets personal when we tell some stories of our… Read Article →